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Our Content Review Process

Because oladoc believes in trust, transparency, and openness, we want to provide our readers with some insight into the exact process we follow to create, review and update our content.

You may find content regarding any specific medical condition, treatment procedure, or specialty to be easily available on the internet. However, it can be difficult to judge how trustworthy, authentic, or credible a piece of content really is. We are well aware that the validity of the content, especially in the healthcare domain matters a lot. This is why oladoc takes special care to create content that is trustworthy, accurate, and based on the latest medical research. We are not afraid to go the extra mile to improve our content and make it more valuable for our readers. Our stringent process ensures that the content we put out is factual, evidence-based, and precise. oladoc seeks to break free from the barriers of obsolete, impractical, and fictitious content and replace it with evidence-based, trusted, and reliable content that is easily accessible to anyone in need of better health advice. Read healthy, stay healthy!

Our Mission

To create authentic, credible, and trusted medical and healthcare content that is easily accessible to everyone.

How do we create content?

Our team of experienced professionals and specialists is incredibly meticulous and thorough in writing in-depth content that is accurate, easily understandable, and helpful to you. Our content creation is based on the latest healthcare research and trusted medical information sources.

How do we review content?

Every piece of content we publish is reviewed by experienced doctors and medical specialists to make sure it’s authentic, fact-based, and free from errors.

How do we update content?

With the rapid advancements being made every day in the field of medicine, it is unrealistic to think that any type of medical or health-related content will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. For this reason, we regularly check up on our previously published content and update it from time to time to maintain its credibility.

Who are our writers?

Our writers consist of expert doctors and medical specialists who have extensive experience in their related fields and specializations. Being part of the healthcare field and working closely with patients and their problems guarantees that the content they produce is legitimate and up to the mark.

How do we use sources in our content?

Our content is always backed by medical research and real information. We are therefore very careful in choosing our references and only cite and use trusted and verified data sources to build our content around.

Our writing style

Content is useful when it’s understandable. We take special care to write content that is succinct, valuable, and easy to digest. Moreover, we try to employ a writing style that makes our content interesting, unique, and insightful for our readers.

How to give us your feedback?

We love to hear from our readers. If you have a suggestion or concern about our content feel free to contact us at