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Dr. Kamran Babar

Buch International Hospital (BIH) (BosanRoad)  

Fee:Rs. 2,000
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Reviews about Dr. Kamran Babar

I recommend the doctor
Overall everything was perfect. Competency, Deep knowledge and its presentation infront of patient in simple language was very good which increased the level of satisfaction in patient at its peak.
Verified Patient
M** ***q .
I recommend the doctor
Dr sahab is very good dr and I am very impressed by the checkup and behaviour of dr kamran babar
Verified Patient
K** ***h .
I recommend the doctor
Overall Good
Verified Patient
S** ***i .
I recommend the doctor
Very good doctor!
Verified Patient
U** ***q .
I recommend the doctor
He was amazing .caring and understanding Took his time with me . Made me feel comfortable
Verified Patient
A** ***d .
I recommend the doctor
I am satisfied, thank you so much for your help.
Verified Patient
A** ***n .
I recommend the doctor
Dr. Kamran Babar was so thorough and easy to talk to. He walked me through everything, was incredibly knowledgeable, and always made sure I was comfortable. Would highly recommend it.
Verified Patient
T** ***r .
I recommend the doctor
Very polite and experienced docotor. Must visit he is professional by his duty and humble in nature. Staff also coperative fully satisfied.
Verified Patient
R** ***n .
I recommend the doctor
Nice clean place, professional attitude of the reception staff Doctor Kamran Babar, know him from school time as he was my senior, listened very attentively and carefully to every detail I told him and discussed openly with full attention
Verified Patient
S** *** .
I recommend the doctor
It is always a great pleasure going to see Dr. Kamran Babar. He always takes his time, looks over history, and considers all details.
Verified Patient
C** ***d .
I recommend the doctor
I highly recommend Dr. Kamran Babar.
Verified Patient
M** ***l .
I recommend the doctor
I recommended Dr. Kamran Babar Satisfied With: Time given by doctor, Good Treatment, Correct Diagnosis, Appointment via olaDOC
Verified Patient
S** ***z .
I recommend the doctor
Best use of technology. Really helpful. Highly recommend.
Verified Patient
A** ***m .