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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 29 years

I have severe pain in my lower back feeling muscular pain in my hands and legs i feel it specially in morning pls suggest me something as i m so much depressed and its making my life hell i cant…

Asked for Female, 34 years

i had c-section 3 months ago, can i start exercises for weight lose, such as cycling or walk? also suggest me best way to lose weight? one more thing i reduced 13 kg post pregnancy weight already but from last…

Asked for Female, 42 years

Why blood pressure and sugar so low in the morning when wake up and start shivering and heart rate 150. Is there any weakness? Do I have to be worried?

Asked for Female, 35 years

i need some guidance. i am young working woman have two kids diagnosed recently high bp, i am feeling from few days i m not in my senses, right now my doctor prescribed me meds for the night but i…

Asked for Female, 24 years

I am 24 year femele married no kid Mjhe ichank aj dil pe bojh say para or mne B.p check krvaya to wo 145/90 tha Phlay kbhi kbhar low ho jata tha Ghbrahat bht ziyada thi Kindly help me

Asked for Female, 28 years

I am 5 weeks pregnant plus just caught chicken pox and have extreme anxiety! I am taking cipralex 10 mg and a dr prescribed xanax 0.25 mg. I had post natal depression and anxiety after my first baby and I…

Asked for Female, 2 years

2 years old child suffering from constipation since 2 months, that relieves when her mother gave her syrup laxoberon. now her mother complains bleeding with hard stool and swelling around anal opening... kindly tell me treatment

Asked for Female, 20 years

I've been facing an issue since last summer: Vesicles on my hands. They disappeared as the weather became colder. And now have started developing on my hands again. Alhamdulillah not too many in quantity though

Asked for Female, 4 years

I have a query for child specialists/pediatricians. If a 4 year old doesn't sleep as much the amount of time as per their age requirement but is otherwise happy, active and healthy, does it have any long term adverse effects…

Asked for Male, 5 years

Any child specialists here? My son is 5 yrs old and having flu since two days.I gave him anti allergy today. Yesterday he had coughing too so I gave him dar cheeni kehwa. Today he has fever and he is…

Asked for Female, 5 years

AOA kindly guide me my 4.5 years child having severe headache all of a sudden the headache started after he woke up .He got back from school normally , he had a proper nap after he woke up started crying…

Asked for Female, 31 years

Having severe and frequent anxiety headache that feel like a tension, pressure, tight band around your head, shooting pain(s) in your head and/or face, and/or stabbing pain in the head. What to do?

Asked for Female, 23 years

I think I am suffering from ocd during pregnancy, I am extremely anxious about every single thing happens every second. please tell me what to do ? I am so much depressed, it's seriously killing me inside. Please someone help

Asked for Female, 30 years

Female, 30 years of age, diagnosed as having seborrheic dermatitis from 15 years. Has been facing stubborn dandruff and scaly patches on scalp, eyebrows, folds at back of ears and chest. She has been using Selsun blue twice a week…

Asked for Female, 27 years

My daughter is 17 months old and on breastfeed and I'm again pregnant. Can I continue or stop feeding? Is it dangerous for pregnancy can it cause miscarriage to women? please, I need an advice.

Asked for Male, 1 year

Hello, I want some child specialist immediately to rep. My 8 month old baby fell down this morning and head hit after that her nose starts bleeding for some seconds... Is this condition is dangerous? Now she is behaving normal…

Asked for Female, 22 years

I ate rice today. They were made yesterday noon .now I'm feeling metallic taste in my mouth. I'm worried it is bad taste And I also have history of tinnitus for 10 days I feel buzzing sounds in left ear…

Asked for Male, 5 years

A 5 year old boy recently diagnosed with inflammatory myopathy. he's now getting some wound like on his both armpits. cannot raise arms due to pain, can anyone tell me what is this. pics are attached. using Fucidin ointment but…

Asked for Female, 26 years

I have a severe infection with white discharge. and it's my six months of pregnancy. My gynecologist gave me vagibact for 6 days but after using it I have an infection again with itching and discharge. Should I repeat that…

Asked for Female, 34 years

I am having black moles on my neck area initially its small with the passage of time its bigger now I have 1 big and 2 small moles they are spreading on my neck area don't know the reason

Health Forum

by oladoc & Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani


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