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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 21 years

I am having a sort of a pimple near my lips. It appeared again after 5 years though its slight mark was still there in these years. I accidentally rubbed it and it started bleeding. Kindly suggest any ointment for its treatment. Currently I am using hydrozole. Thanks in anticipation!

Asked for Female, 56 years

My mother 51 years old complains about having pain and stiffness in her wrist if she uses a knife or washes dishes. After wearing hand support and rest her condition does get better. Please suggest a remedy.

Asked for Male, 42 years

A patient have a problem and disease of gastropareses but symptom of dIsease is in control. But patient have insomnia from last 3 days and condition no stress no deppressant and have memory weakness and weak thinking and using sleep medicine with high mg but not doing sleep please guide how should treatment any diagnose?

Asked for Female, 37 years

My front upper three teeth are dead(root canaled) and on upper hard palate(roof of the mouth. I do have swelling behind the dead teeth its in size of peas... I had it first but disappeared after 10 days..but I'm worried y it is appearing again but doc says its just swelling?

Asked for Female, 60 years

Has anyone done Stem Cell Treatment for severe joint Pain ? Will it cure joint pain once and for all. I need to ask for my mother . age 55 yrs, symptoms : Severe joint pain. have tried every other elaaj, knee replacement not possible.

Asked for Male, 30 years

I am Suffering from Asthma since 3 years specially in Oct Nov months i have tried every thing to get rid of it. So anyone whose there tell.me that is there any permanent cure of Asthma

Asked for Female, 61 years

Asking for my mother 56 years old. She complains of ringing and swishing sound in her ear. Can you suggest any drops for this?

Asked for Female, 51 years

Asking for a relative he has gone through angioplasty 4 mth ago drs are giving cholestrol reducing drugs his latest cholestrol has been 103 isnt this a bit low did this require a doseage adjustment ? age 45

Asked for Male, 47 years

I feel numbness in different part of body, even in head, please do the needful. What should be problem

Asked for Female, 30 years

My wisdom tooth is coming from gums and it was hurting in the start but now I can't fully open my mouth. Shall I take any medicine to reduce the pain? And my mouth is not opening fully is that normal?

Asked for Female, 28 years

I have pain from my ear to my jawline and when I eat something hard it intensifies. What to do? How to go about. Anyone who can help me in this all

Asked for Male, 59 years

My father is having a Prostrate Gland Problem and sometimes having difficulty with urination. Some Doctors have recommended Operation to him. My Question is is there any way other than an operation to treat this problem? as my father is a little bit reluctant to go for an operation. Any Recommendation for Specialist in this field will be helpful.

Asked for Male, 31 years

Okay so I had a sever ankle sprain back in July. I wasn't able to stand that day and put my weight on it, walking was painful for few of the following days. Didn't took it seriously just took rest for few days and pain killers thats all. There is/was no swelling. Now the problem is pain is not going away, I still have pain at certain angles or movements. Where should I head for a check-up now?

Asked for Male, 39 years

My husband has been complaining of extreme pain when talking on the phone only. He describes it as a sharp pain that goes from his ear through his brain. This started with cell phone use and now it is with the use of any phone (cell or land line). Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Question

Asked for Male, 6 years

I had my son on 8 oct. After 1 week he developed jaundice and his levels peaked to 20. Was given photo therapy 2 days and level were brought down to 11.3. After stopping the treatment another test was conducted after 14 hours and level were 11.5. Now its 10 days since his treatment. But he still has yellow skin. Shoulde I have test again or how long does it takes to skin completely cleared up. All other test reports normal.

Asked for Female, 51 years

My mother 46 years old is taking treatment for her Pulmonary Sarcoidosis stage two. I want to ask you about guidelines to take and natural remedy that you can suggest?

Asked for Female, 62 years

My mom is 57 with type 2 diabetes and is on 4 different medications for her blood sugar and it is still always high. She currently consumes 10-15 pounds of sugar per month through the sweet tea she makes and drinks constantly. What will this do to her body and what effects does it have on her?? I really want to understand this so I can give her more information.

Asked for Male, 40 years

For last two days I am having gonial angle pain. If I am not wrong medical term of it is 'TMJ Disorder or Mimic Ernest Syndrome'. Any idea what are the real causes and the best way to cure it.

Asked for Male, 8 years

My child, 3 and half years old, had a blister at the end of his mouth. He is having trouble swallowing food too. Any remedy you can suggest?

Asked for Female, 39 years

Last year my TSH value is 7.0, after that, I take thyroxin for 2 months so my TSH value comes to 2.3 UI/ml so doctor stop thyroxin, I neglected the neck size that time my neck size increased from 15 to 16... I am a part-time teacher also, so when I teach my throat gets tired by speaking too much. What to do now?

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