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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 26 years

I have these symptoms: Fatigue, feel full without eating, low stamina, numbness in legs, Sometimes swollen feet. Please suggest what test/s should i take?

Asked for Female, 27 years

Shortness of breath after climbing 15-20 stairs and feel heaviness in chest. I am a smoker. Is this just low stamina or heart disease?

Asked for Male, 33 years

I had laparoscopy about three weeks ago. Till then I have gotten fever two times and the site of incision is red as compared to the normal skin. Is this normal after the procedure or do I have to see…

Asked for Female, 23 years

My teeth are not aligned properly and I occasionally bite inside my cheek. This happens so much that my cheek inside is always damage by bits. Do I have to get braces or is there some other treatment?

Asked for Female, 26 years

Asking for female. I sit a lot in front of computer as per job requirement. Recently pain in my middle back and neck stiffness started. I did change my sitting position but it does not affect much. What should I…

Asked for Female, 34 years

I am on antidepressant duloxetine 30mg. I was having mouth dryness, dizziness, constipation which doc said were side effects of medicine but recently I have stiffness in my shoulders. Is there other medications without this many side effects??

Asked for Male, 34 years

I got in an accident while driving a bike. The speed was very low when I fell. At that time I didn't feel anything. But now I have pain in buttocks down toward leg and also occasional numbness. This causes…

Asked for Female, 17 years

I am having yellowish eyes and urine. I eat chocolates quite a lot recently as my brother bought them for me from abroad. Is this just because of the excessive chocolates use or should I visit a clinic?

Asked for Female, 32 years

I had a high cholesterol level for which I took a statin. When I eat beef or oily food I feel pain in my left shoulder, left arm and chest. I take rosuvastatin 10 mg after which I feel better.…

Asked for Female, 25 years

I took 12-month course for HCV. Now there are brown patches on my skin, especially in legs and arms. I am having high blood pressure and feel tired. Please help…

Asked for Male, 12 years

My kid 12 years old had so severe stomach pain that we have to take her to hospital. He was on a drip when he vomited two times. We are giving him a lgt meal and he is much better…

Asked for Male, 57 years

I am male 57 years old. For about week and a half, I have a burning sensation when I pee and recently I saw blood also. Who should I seek and what tests do you recommend?

Asked for Female, 49 years

A few days back my mother had salad in evening. Later that night she got severe belly pain which went away after medication. Now she doesn't eat well and say she feel like vomiting after eating. Is there any suggestion…

Asked for Male, 2 years

My baby has a cough along with sinus blockage. At night he has difficulty breathing. I am giving him zetro and rigix. Which is more effective Syrup Ventolin or Nebulizer as it is going for about a week and a…

Asked for Male, 36 years

I am a software engineer 36 years old. I am having a tingling sensation in my right hand and thumb numbness also. It gets worse at night or morning especially. Any suggestion as it is affecting my work?

Asked for Female, 25 years

Is pregnancy is possible with pcos? I have 1 miscarriage due to PCOS and not conceive again. I want to concieve.

Asked for Male, 25 years

I have pain in my throat particularly towards the left side that does not go away and it has almost been three weeks now. The pain is worse at night and while swallowing saliva, now I can feel the pain…

Asked for Female, 1 year

My daughter is 5 months old... Since birth her stomach is upset... She still passes greenish yellow watery stool with the bad smell... But only one time a day... Sometimes after a gap of one day. Gaining weight properly. Both…

Asked for Female, 54 years

My mother is facing severe pain in right arm..even dr suggested physiotherapy and she did her physio but still the same condition. Her vitamins levels can all are not enough because of age but she is constantly taking fish liver…

Asked for Female, 27 years

I have prescribed ciproxin for 14 days.. for a urologist. twice a day...still 4 days left to finish. Now augmentin has been prescribed by a dermatologist for a boil on breast.. for 7 days. 3 times daily. And I…

Health Forum

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