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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 23 years

I get full body pins and needles when I'm on my period (3days post start through 3 days post end) and was just told by my gyn that I was an idiot for thinking it was related. I'm a young healthy person and I have no idea why every time I have a period I get pins and needles from my face and scalp to my legs to my belly and back, to my fingers and toes. Please help me figure this out

Asked for Male, 24 years

Hello. I've an oily skin that makes my hair, head and hands appear pretty oily and dirty. Is there anything that can be done to stop this ? Thanks.

Asked for Male, 28 years

Hi i am having problem of hypervitaminis d3 i have tested the result is 100 mg in this problem i am having knee & leg pain & i lost 5 kg weight .. plz help me

Asked for Female, 16 years

Hi, I'm 16 and I've been feeling like I'm going faint or blackout when i stand or walk for long periods of time. recently while i was walking i came to a point where my body felt like it was going to shut down i was literally walking like a zombie, i told my mom i felt like i was dying. My body had got so weak. Another incident was when I was standing on line for a long time and my body shut down, it was terrible, i got so lightheaded, i felt as if i was going to blackout. Swaying/moving helped.

Asked for Female, 4 years

Is Dollar DS (MEFANAMIC ACID) 60ML Syrup safe to take after every 4hours ? As my 4year girl suffering from high fever

Asked for Female, 50 years

The persistent pulsating throbbing pressure, jabbing pain which coincides with my heartbeat on my left lateral chest under armpit/ in spleen area and around to the back also. Feels like a deep seated pain persistent throbbing in my side. Hurts into the left arm at times. I have increasing bone pain in my legs and arms. I have loud ringing in my ears and I am battling widespread body itching every night. Dizziness. Couple weeks ago had weird red casts in urine cultures neg past

Asked for Male, 17 years

Hi, it all started 2 weeks ago, started with a very sore throat, fever, fatigue. they took blood samples to figure what i had, in the results it shows i tested positive for: Mononucleosis Cytomegalovirus Herpes Simplex 1 Now i do have the symptoms of the mononucleosis, but herpes i have absolutely 0 symptoms. I always had protected sex. IS IT POSSIBLE THE CYTOMEGALOVIRUS TESTS POSITIVE FOR HERPES?

Asked for Male, 25 years

Hello I had blood test and it seems that TSH over the limits, is that something I should be worried about?

Asked for Female, 29 years

Mere face py bht zada acne ho gye hai, meri skin bht oily hai main ny es page sy hi acdermin gel ka parha tha to plz btaye ga yeh face py kitni der k liye apply krni hai, Thanks

Asked for Male, 34 years

Abdominal noise daily. More so when laying down. No pain but very rare I have a bloating feeling in my stomach. Poop is not long pieces anymore, comes out in smaller chunks for years now. This noise started maybe 1 year or so ago. I started taking a variety of supplements that help in digestive health and functionality, that help. Have been prescribed suboxone for 6 years due to Percocet use. I believe may be the cause. Weaning myself off but it will take 2 years about. Thank you very much

Asked for Female, 76 years

What does this mean from the x-ray report of my mom's shoulder? Sclerosis with a cortical breach is seen in the greater tuberosity of the left humerus. Soft tissue calcifications noted adjacent to the midshaft of the humerus. She is already a cancer patient.

Asked for Female, 26 years

Started itching on my abdomen about 9 days ago. This lump/rash appeared the next day and has grown larger and more red since. I saw a doctor 3 days ago who said to take antihistamines which has stopped the itching, but the rash is now very painful to touch and I am also having sharp pains through the rash area. I wondered if this could be Shingles but the rash does not look as bad as photos online. I do not feel unwell. Can you please advise?

Asked for Male, 28 years

My stomach is not good, I have a problem with urine dripping from the penis. Whenever I come back to the washroom after doing the pee, urine dropping starts and its dropping continues till 10 minutes. Then stops. the most important thing is that when i wake up in the morning a few drops of sperms come out from the penis, it happens daily. Please suggest a sexologist who can my treatment.

Asked for Male, 18 years

Hello, I found those thing on the back of my arm this morning, do you know what is it ? Please respond thank you

Asked for Male, 31 years

This is predominantly on my right foot, but my ring toe spreads away from the rest of my toes on its own. I can feel it which makes it quite annoying, sometimes it spreads so far to the right the other toes follow then they snap back into place and repeat. I also have calf muscle twitching on the right side, I am not worried about anything serious, its just annoying as something is always twitching somewhere on my body. They are not the kind of twitches I can ignore, they are very noticeable.

Asked for Female, 19 years

I wake up in the night from extreme thirst, my skin and lips are dry even in the summer (I drink normal amounts of water though, and my pee is pale yellow), my scalp has this weird thing where it feels rough like sandpaper and produces tiny hard bits that can be picked or rubbed off. If I start taking a new supplement it goes away/smoothes out for a few days but always comes back. When I exercise even a little bit I tend to cramp up and often have to lie down afterwards because I feel nauseous.

Asked for Female, 15 years

Hello I am just 14 years old and having pain in my Private part there is no swelling or redness and I am having it for 6 months what should I do? Will it go away?

Asked for Male, 35 years

Sir meray akser maidy me shadeed dard rehta hy mujhy qabz ziada tar rehti hy sir koi behtren tablet ya syrup tajveez farmadain

Asked for Female, 26 years

Alot of Face acne and causes large open pores and scars.

Asked for Male, 26 years

I've been using minoxidil for a month and have lumps under my left armpit. They don't hurt but they are hard. Is this normal?

Health Forum

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