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Health Forum

Asked for Male, 24 years

is it fine to have saafi syrup on daily basis.. If it have any side effects kindly tell me

Asked for Female, 26 years

Is it safe to have a second medical abortion after three months again... last time it was pregnancy of 10 days and same is the case now... what kind of side effects it will have? Will it affect fertility and…

Asked for Male, 24 years

Asking for father/diabetic people I want to know what is the reason behind diabetic patients having so much thirst and hunger is seen commonly that diabetics like people who have sugar and bp feel so much thirst and hunger

Asked for Female, 52 years

My mom has been prescribed Avelox 400mg three times a day. but her medicine says to avoid dairy products. She had taken two boil eggs (egg whites only) in her food just now. Can she take this medication or she…

Asked for Male, 25 years

suffering from allergy I have less immunity in me..visited nih Islamabad but it didn't helped .which medicine to take for increase in immunity level so that I get relax from these allergies as of pollen and causes too much…

Asked for Male, 7 years

I have a question. What causes nose bleeding in children. Is there something to worry? my son's nose often bleed but the bleeding stops after washing please can anyone guide me..he is 7 years old (the bleeding occurs about every…

Asked for Female, 23 years

I'm 23years old and i have acne problem on my nose and cheeks and i have acne scars also.plz tell me what can i do now

Asked for Female, 23 years

Female 23year old suffering from SOB on 10 to 15 fast steps and climbing stairs. She feels pain in the thoracic area on deep breathing. Kindly guide about it.

Asked for Female, 60 years

My mother age is around 60 .. she had a bypass surgery in April. Now she has stones in the kidney and needs to remove them she is diabetic too please suggest the best kidney doctor who can treat her…

Asked for Male, 23 years

The back side of the knee. Very much pain during walking. Muscle pain. Any suggestions or medicine, Please help

Asked for Male, 34 years

Medical Treatment for Excessive snoring problem? My Husband snores so loud in his sleep. It is impossible for me to sleep in his presence. What can I do to stop it?

Asked for Female, 50 years

My mother has a problem right side of the hip. She used some medicine but still feeling pain. She took medicine form medical store etc. Normally she didn't feel pain but when she moved and walk feeling pain. age 50+.…

Asked for Male, 24 years

I have a problem most of the time if i exercise in the morning especially when i run or take a walk i fill itchy in my body especially under my feet what the best medicine can i take

Asked for Male, 1 year

My baby born with 1kg and at 7th month, now 4 months old. facing a problem with breathing, what are the precautions to be taken, to avoid breathing problem, please someone help me.

Asked for Male, 32 years

A pain in somebody toe going round his leg like fire.. Is it diabetes or what? If it's diabetes then what is the solution

Asked for Female, 27 years

How can I get rid of Vaginal odor? I try to keep it clean and dry and I drink lots of water but the smell is soo bad. Its making my married life miserable as well. Please help me how…

Asked for Female, 25 years

I have been having shoulder pain just on top of it. I am able to flexibly move my shoulder but walking a long distance or standing for a long time is a problem. Even if it's working it pains hence…

Asked for Male, 46 years

What do you think is a possible reason for the following symptoms together : -back pain -burning sensation after urinating -pressure building in the bladder and going to testes The patient is a male. Any specialist opinion, please?

Asked for Female, 22 years

I have very bad pain in my right elbow and right upper arm. Sometimes I feel difficulty in lifting things with my right hand. If I eat two panadol the pain gets better but then again it comes. What to…

Asked for Male, 3 years

My son is 3.8 years old and 7 months ago we found that his IgE level is 512 for that Dr suggested him montelukast tablet and after completion, of course, we are noticing some changes in him like behavioral changes,…

Health Forum

by oladoc & Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani


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