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Health Forum

Asked for Male, 33 years

I have lower back pain and lower abdomen pain too. What is reason? I also feel pain at my right side of lower abdomin

Asked for Female, 24 years

Asking on behalf of my friend. She is taking misoprostol 2 tablets 2 times daily for an abortion she is having early pregnancy of 4 weeks. Dr. told her to take medicine for 2 days. But medicines have no effect till now its her 4th day now. She is worried if the pregnancy continues is there any chances of abnormality. If yes then what is the next option for her dnc or what?

Asked for Male, 14 years

A teenaged boy is getting white patches on his both eyes.GP diagnoses vitiligo and prescribes camouflage creams at the moment. He is getting more patches on chest and the patches on eyes are getting sharper. Recommendations in Islamabad Needed.

Asked for Female, 27 years

I checked my pregnancy thrice a time on strips Nd it was shown positive But today when I visit dr then it doesn’t show on ultrasound and also on log scan What should I do

Asked for Male, 34 years

AoA, I have got severe pain at left shoulder radiating towards elbow for the last one month. Pain aggregates on lying especially at night, can’t carry weight on the left side, there is a pain in abduction over the head. Is it Supraspinatus tendinitis or something else? Where should I go? The whole night is painful. Need recommendations. thanks

Asked for Female, 22 years

Any dermatologist can help? I have allergy on my hands. I had it last year on one finger only but this time its expanding towards the hand. I feel too much dryness on that particular area itching, pinching, burning, and pain. Even if I touch the water.

Asked for Female, 33 years

I have a depression issue for 6 months. I had visited 3 doctors.. one neuro, one psychiatrist & psychologist. They said I have got post patrum depression, I m taking medicine citanew. I m still not feeling good. all-time depress.. Kuch krny ka dil nai krta, demag bhari rehta. Job per b sakon nai ata. I want my normal life back.. what to do???

Asked for Female, 34 years

From last 2 years, I'm having kind of indigestion. Can't eat much after every meal I'm having palpitation, heaviness on chest and pain moving from chest to hands constipation and bloating also. Sometimes even I cannot burp. I have gone through all test ECG,electrocardiogram and all test related to stomach. There's no problem in any test but still, the problem remains same.M much worried can anyone help me in this matter?

Asked for Female, 26 years

My baby boy is 2. 5 months old and since his birth, my periods are not coming and Dr. said it will not come for a few more months as I am feeding. My question is, can I still conceive even periods are not coming as I had unprotected intercourse recent while?

Asked for Female, 21 years

I have this slightly raised bump on my nose. I visited dermatologist he prescribed me cleret gel for this as he said it is a cyst. But its been there for more than 2 years it is skin colored and painless. I have applied the gel still there is no progress. I can see very small yellow dot underneath. Also, I took isotretinoin for my whole face acne my face is clear now Alhamdulillah. But this bump is still there.

Asked for Female, 2 years

Its been a week my 2 years old gets feverish like 99-100 or 100.4 etc. She is passing loose/watery stool like motions. She poops on her regular timings (once or twice a day) the number hasn’t increased but the texture is changed. I give her Panadol after every 4 hours when she is having a fever and it settles down till night. And for the loose stool, I am giving her Q-palgite (5ml) twice a day from 3 days. No change in fever or motions. What should I do? Please help

Asked for Female, 18 years

I have extremely oily skin and acne prone too. I am worried if I will get acne. How to get rid of this much oil on face? And also is there any way or any surgical treatment for closing open pores? Derma-roller helps for closing pores? Currently using Beutik facewash.

Asked for Male, 32 years

Aoa My husband having severe painful acne problem for 4 years. I want to know which medicated products or facewash or any serum or any medicine will be good for him that will help him to reduce acne.

Asked for Male, 1 year

My nephew has this yellowish sebum thing in his head (reference picture below) on and off. Sometimes it is in red color. What should we do? My sister is worried we consulted a pediatrician and he said to consult a dermatologist.

Asked for Male, 32 years

Dear Sir, My wife cannot take any type of medicine. as soon as she takes medicine, her heartbeat slows down, difficulty in breathing, veins become stiff, palms start to sweet. plz help or suggest a good doctor in Peshawar to consult to. her age is 32 Regards M.Ishfaq

Asked for Female, 25 years

I usually get severe pain in legs and especially knees. During namaz, I feel very hard to stand up from sujood and get a crackling sound from my knees when I get up. I told about this issue to a general physician, he recommended me Surbex-T for a month with milk but I couldn't find surbex-T anywhere and got surbex-Z instead. I'm 25years old and have a 3yo child. Please tell me what could be the reason behind this and what is the substitute of surbex-T.

Asked for Female, 32 years

I'm 5 months pregnant with severe dry cough. My gyne recommended me Syp Roundic c but it didnt helped me. This is my second pregnancy, first one was c sec. My stitches hurt so badly when I cough

Asked for Female, 31 years

Can I use piriton I have too much cough I am a nursing mother due to high cough em getting itching & pain type in the stitches I also used lozenges and acefyl syrup but still I have the same situation?

Asked for Female, 27 years

Had C-sec 6 months ago. And facing severe hair fall from last month. I'm a nursing mother and baby is exclusively breastfeeding. One more thing I'm not taking any iron or calcium supplement.

Asked for Male, 27 years

I have these spots on my hands and back. There is no itching or any other irritation but it is spreading now. I have these on one hand for 4-5 years in a very small area so I didn't bother. but now it's spreading.

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