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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 36 years

Last year my TSH value is 7.0, after that, I take thyroxin for 2 months so my TSH value comes to 2.3 UI/ml so doctor stop thyroxin, I neglected the neck size that time my neck size increased from 15 to 16... I am a part-time teacher also, so when I teach my throat gets tired by speaking too much. What to do now?

Asked for Male, 24 years

Hey sir my brother age 22 have a problem of cyclic vomiting syndrome .what will be the permenant treatment of this disease.he is suffring from many years .all his lab ct etc are clear but he vomit alot

Asked for Female, 17 years

What should i use to remove pimples as well as their marks.I already have used alot of products but their result is not even satisfactory.Now i hope you would suggest me a product that will be good for my skin as my skin is oily. And yes one thing more what i should be using for the open pores on my face?

Asked for Male, 52 years

I noticed floating stools for 2 months. Consistency is solid with somewhat limited quantity and I have constipation 70% of the time. It is soft, but not loose. My stomach is quite noisy right after eating or drinking. I have no weight loss or pain.I eat low-carb most of the time. I recently had a checkup. My doctor said this is usually caused by excess gas and did not give it a second thought. Should I ask for more tests? My father died at 52 from pancreatic cancer. Can it be related?

Asked for Female, 7 years

My daughter 5-year-old, has been suffering from tonsils and pain in the throat for a while.I tried both homeopathic and allopathic medicine but she didn't get much better from them. I am much worried about her health. Please suggest.

Asked for Male, 45 years

I am losing all my weight. I don't feel like eating and have low appetite. Now my ribs and backbone are starting to show. I feel tired 24/7. I don't do anything but still feel very weak and tired. It's hard to get out of bed. And I have no fixed sleep timing. Mostly I fall asleep when it's time to eat and end up missing meals. I have always been pale but now I literally have golden yellow complexion. What to do?

Asked for Male, 26 years

No, I am not having constipation. Thus I was feeling hard stool from last 2 days so I took ispaghol which provides me much relief. Now my stool is quite normal. No, it doesn't feel me that something is left in my bowel after passing stool. I pass stool normally 1 to 2 time in a day not more than it. But I am feeling uncomfortable due to this rectum problem. I am feeling it more while walking or doing any work that something is coming out. While sitting I am just feeling uncomfortable.

Asked for Female, 22 years

My height is 5 feet and 6 inches, and my weight is 160. For the past month, I have been experiencing weight loss, increased hunger, increased thirst, and frequently need to go to the bathroom to pee out large amounts. My skin has become dry. I have also lost quite a bit of weight. I experience moodiness and I am often tired despite a good night's sleep. I brought these up with my doctor but she ignored saying it was nothing. What could be causing these symptoms?

Asked for Male, 25 years

I am suffering from Stomach Issues (Acid Reflux, Heartburn) from almost a month. I am taking medicine and feeling 20-30% better now. But from last couple of days, I am feeling often sudden hot flashes in different areas on body (most commonly on back, chest and belly). What would be the possible reasons?

Asked for Female, 25 years

Hi. I'm 5'1'. My weight is stuck at 60 kgs. I want to lose almost 7-8 kgs. But no matter what I workout alot, I eat carefully, my weight is stuck at 60 kgs. Im 25 now. When I was 18, it was so easy for me to lose 4-5 kgs in a month through just plain eating. Now I feel helpless. I got my thyroid tests and its perfectly normal. The only thing I guess I'm dealing with is severe stress. And the stress which is actually uncontrollable. Kindly suggest me something.

Asked for Male, 23 years

I am 20 year old guy.Now my weight is around 92kg.My height is 5'9.Am getting weight day by day.I need a proper diet plan to maintain my weight.i feel sweating on my palm and foots most of time.kindly tell me proper diet plan and exercise

Asked for Male, 36 years

Is keto diet good for long term weight loss like for 18 months or what diet plan should be followed to lose excesive weight loss . plus where to find receipts . as following kito diet suggest low carbs but how could I calculate which spices I can not add in my receipts. Because they too have carbohydrates ..

Asked for Female, 51 years

My mother is having lumbar spondylosis from 3 4 months. Due to pain in back our doctor prescribed physiotherapy (traction and heating pad). She is going to physiotherapy from 2 months. She is avoiding bending and taking stairs. Now she doesn’t experience pain but her leg gets numb. The Neurologist suggested us a surgery due to numbness and asked to consult a surgeon. Can you please tell me that if we should go for surgery? If yes than is it a major surgery and is there any risk involved?

Asked for Female, 27 years

I have corns under my feet and they pain a lot. I have used a corn plaster many times but they keep coming back. I want to get rid of these permanently. Kindly, find me an effective remedy for this problem?

Asked for Male, 20 years

Itchy dark skinned patch on inner thigh with a raised red patch.

Asked for Female, 29 years

I have a spot on foot which is big and is above the skin. it causes itching and sometimes the place around this spot becomes red and blooded due to scratching. plz, suggest me what to do. I don't have a skin specialist near me.

Asked for Female, 26 years

Hi I'm Australian fem currently travelling in Finland. I have what might be severe UTI. I am shaky, have bouts of sharp internal pain and external soreness in my lower belly, frequent pee, cloudy/pinkish pee. I took some leftover antibiotics (penicillin), 2 days worth, but it is still painful and irregular. I have PCOS, I have had a UTI in the last few months and always get thrush within a week of ridding it. Here for 1month, don't know how/if I can get care/cant visit doc twice. Can I wait?

Asked for Female, 20 years

I started experiencing chest pain when I laugh, sneeze and cough, my left arm is also affected. My chest pain usually lasts a day when I sneeze, and I don't often experience difficulty in breathing though.

Asked for Female, 35 years

I took a blood test and the reports say I have high monocytes. What does this mean and what can I do to get them normal?

Asked for Female, 25 years

AOA. I have glectorhea problem & I have microadenoma. Please suggest me something. The first level after the test was 191 & second was 69.

Health Forum

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