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  • Semen Analysis

Preparations Before Test

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, herbs, and drugs (marijuana or cocaine) two to five days prior to your test.
  • Avoid ejaculation 24 to 72 hours before your test.
  • Avoid any hormonal medications before your test.
  • Notify your doctor about all OTC and other medications that you are taking before getting tested.

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What is Semen Analysis

A semen analysis test looks into the health and stability of a man’s sperm. A semen analysis mainly looks into three major factors of sperm health which are:

  • Shape of the sperm
  • Movement of the sperm or in other words sperm motility
  • Sperm count

Doctors usually conduct two to three semen analysis to get an actual idea about your sperm health. These tests are to be conducted at least with a gap of seven days because sperm count can be variable on a daily basis.

This test is also called sperm analysis, seminal fluid analysis and sperm count.

What is semen?

Semen is a fluid that is released during ejaculation. It contains sperm, as well as other proteins and sugar substances.

Why is a semen analysis test recommended?

A semen analysis test is required in two conditions:

  • If a couple is having trouble getting pregnant, this test will help the doctor know if a man is infertile. This analysis is also helpful in determining the actual problem which can either be semen dysfunction or low sperm count.
  • To check if your vasectomy was successful. Vasectomy is a procedure in which the tubes that send semen to the penis are cut and sealed as a birth control method. After a vasectomy a semen analysis test is recommended for three months in a row to make sure that no semen is present in the semen.

Semen analysis test procedure

You need to provide your doctor with a semen sample for semen analysis test which can be collected using following methods:

  • Sex with condom
  • Masturbation
  • Sex using withdrawal method
  • Ejaculation prompted using electricity

After collecting your sample in a wide-mouth container provided by the lab, you should deliver or mail your sample to the testing facility within 30 to 60 minutes of it leaving the body. Semen should be stored at body temperature, the results can turn out inaccurate incase of too warm or too cold environment.

What are the risks of a semen analysis test?

There are no risks associated with a semen analysis test.

How to read the results of a semen analysis test?

If you were tested to evaluate fertility issues your doctor will take certain things in account like:

pH level: A pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 is considered normal.

Sperm shape: A normal result must have more than 50% sperm that are shaped normally. If you have more than 50% abnormally shaped sperm than it will reduce your chances of fertility.

Volume: For a normal result volume of semen should be 2 milliletres.

Movement: Sperm movement is important because semen needs to travel to fertilize an egg. An automated system analyzes the movement of semen and rates it on a scale of 0 to 4. A normal result is between 3 to 4.

Liquefaction: Semen usually liquifies within 15 to 30 minutes. If it doesn’t liquify within that time then it could affect fertility.

Sperm count: Sperm count should be between 20 million to 200 million for a normal result. Low sperm count can create problems in conceiving.

Color: Appearance wise semen is supposed to be whitish and gray.

In case you are being tested to check if your vasectomy was successful, then your doctor will only check if there is any sperm in your semen or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book Semen Analysis test in Pakistan?

You can easily book Semen Analysis test in Pakistan through oladoc. Just search for the test you are looking for through the oladoc.com website and follow the instructions to book your test within a few minutes.

What is the price of Semen Analysis test in Pakistan?

The price of Semen Analysis test in Pakistan is around Rs. 3,000 - 3,200. The price can vary depending on the lab you choose. However, on oladoc you can avail discounts on lab tests as well.
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