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 Advanced Diagnostic Center (Radiology Lab, Pathology Lab) Islamabad
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Advanced Diagnostic Center

Radiology Lab, Pathology Lab

11 years experience
Wait time: 30 - 45 min
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Practice locations

Advance Diagnostic Center

Executive Complex, Lower Ground Floor, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad

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Services (View all)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • CT Scan
  • X -Ray
  • OPG
  • Cardiac Diagnostic
  • Ultrasound
  • Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)
  • Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT)
  • Mammography
  • All Lab Test
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Transvaginal USG
  • 24/48/72 Hrs Holter Monitoring
  • Ultrasound FNAC
  • MRI Breast
  • Ultrasound-guided Tru-cut Biopsy
  • Home Sample Collection
  • Retrograde Urethrogram (RUG)
  • Fistulogram
  • Antegrade Urethrogram (AUG)
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Echocardiography (Echo)
  • Doppler
  • Color Vision
  • Audiometry
  • Dental
  • ECG Home Diagnostic Facility
  • ECHO Home Diagnostic Facility
  • X RAY Home Diagnostic Facility
  • PFT Home Diagnostic Facility
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
  • DEXA Bone Scan
  • Real Time PCR
  • Pharmacy
  • Corporate Medical
  • Oil & Gas Medicals

Other information

  • Radiology Lab
  • Pathology Lab
  • ISO CERTIFIED , 2018
  • IAS Accredited, 2018
  • Approved By PNRA, 2017
  • Institute of Health & Management Sciences Islamabad
  • Prime Institute Of Health Sciences, Islamabad

About Advanced Diagnostic Center

Advanced Diagnostic Center committed to excellence in the field of medical diagnostics offering quality diagnostic services to patients with comfort and a patient-friendly environment.
ADCL started off with the aim of delivering superior health and diagnostic services within the shortest possible time. The organization has achieved several milestones and has been committed to excellence throughout its journey Under one roof with state of art medical equipment's ADCL provides testing services in the fields of Imaging. Complete Pathology services, Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology and Clinical facilities, services to patients with comfort and a patient-friendly environment.
At ADC, we are proud of our modern, carefully selected and well equipped facility built to meet our exacting specifications. Located in the strategic area of G-8 Markaz, the center can be reached easily from almost anywhere in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. With patient convenience in mind, we have created a full-service imaging center that provides one location necessary for all diagnostic exams.
Our commitment to accuracy, quality, efficiency and highest standards of customer service makes ADC a respected choice for quality imaging and clinical diagnostics. We provide the highest quality service from the moment we pick up the phone to schedule an appointment until we deliver the final diagnostic report.
We are committed to partnering with our referring physicians to provide quality, compassionate, efficient diagnostic imaging services to the communities we serve because at ADC our moto is we are “committed to life"

Services offered at Advanced Diagnostic Center

1. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body.
Price:Rs. 2000 – 25,000

2. Computed Tomography (CT Scan)
Performed by highly qualified and experienced technologists, under the supervision of senior most Radiologists in Pakistan.
Price:Rs. 4500 – 26,000

3. X -Ray
X-rays are types of electromagnetic radiation probably most well-known for their ability to see through a person's skin and reveal images of the bones beneath it.
Price: Rs. 250 – Rs. 6,700

4. OPG
Fractures to bone and teeth are also conditions that a dental professional may be looking for when ordering an OPG dental scan for his or her patient. A panoramic radiograph, also called an OPG.
Price: Rs. 5,00 - Rs. 5,500

5. Cardiac Diagnostic
Cardiac diagnostic testing procedures used to diagnose coronary heart disease (ECG, Echo,ETT, HOLTER).
Price: Rs. 500 – Rs. 12,000

6. Ultrasound
All types of conventional ultrasounds, Color Doppler, TVS & 4-D USG and ultrasound guided procedures.
Price:Rs. 1600 – Rs. 8,000

7. Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)
A NCS is a medical diagnostic test commonly used to evaluate the function, especially the ability of electrical conduction, of the motor and sensory nerves of the human body.
Price: Rs. 5,500 – Rs. 7,500

8. Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT)
An Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), through the use of exercise treadmill/bike testing, can be useful for identifying early signs of coronary artery disease. Although a resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect and demonstrate a number of abnormalities, the presence of a normal resting ECG does not rule out the possibility of significant coronary artery disease.
Price: Rs. 3,500

9. Full-body MRI
Full-body MRI focuses on the brain, heart, arteries and colon, as well as the surrounding tissue. ... In addition, with full-body MRI screening, you can evaluate a variety of organs and detect a variety of diseases, making it dramatically more difficult to calculate risks and benefits.
Price: Rs. 2,5000

10. Fistulogram
A Fistulogram is a special x-ray procedure. It uses contrast (x-ray dye) to look at the blood flow in your fistula or graft (dialysis access). This procedure can check to see if it is blocked or if there is any narrowing (stenosis).
Price:Rs. 4000

11. Retrograde Urethrogram (RUG)
This is a diagnostic test for male patients with trauma (injury) to the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder and out the body. If there is a urethral stricture (a block or closing), urine cannot flow out
Price:Rs. 4000

12. Home Sample Collection
IDC Lab offers the facility of Home Sample Collection service in Islamabad from 9 am to 9 pm. There are no extra charges for Home Sample Collection.
Price: Rs. 200 – 50,000

13. All Lab Test

All the Lab Tests performed by Advanced Diagnostic Center eg:
CBC, HBA1C, Cholesterol Test, Blood Sugar Test, Blood Group Test, Blood Culture, Urine Routine, Urine Culture, Kidney Function Test (KFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), Renal Function Test (RFT), Blood Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Electrolyte Profile, Bleeding Time Test, Basic Metabolic Panel Test, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test, Semen Analysis, Semen Culture, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, STD Panel, PSA Test, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid Profile, Pituitary Function Profile, Renal Stone Analysis, ELISA Test and all types of Blood and Urine Tests and Cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Diagnostic Center has 11 years of experience.

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Advance Diagnostic Center


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