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Sex Education for Teenagers & It’s importance in Pakistan

What is Sex Education? Sex education is the provision of information about bodily development, sex, sexuality, and relationships, along with skills-building to help young...
Habiba A. Khan
7 min read

The Many Benefits of Kalonji in Islam and Science

Kalonji has been known to have many benefits all over the world. Here is a complete guide to how this magical seed can...
Habiba A. Khan
5 min read

Pakistan’s Porn Problem: Overcoming Addiction

Porn addiction is a shockingly common issue in Pakistan. Here's how you can understand overcome it.
Habiba A. Khan
8 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Pakistan’s Coronavirus Vaccines

The Coronavirus vaccine has finally made it to Pakistan, but which one should you get and how? Our experts have written this guide to...
Habiba A. Khan
10 min read

Drug Addiction: Pakistan’s Hidden Habit

Drug abuse and addiction are rampant in Pakistan but is rarely talked about. Here's why
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

Asthma And Exercise: Everything You Need To Know

Asthma is no joyride. The excruciating pain and exhaustive nature of asthma attacks often induces a fear of exercising to the point of avoidance,...
Habiba A. Khan
2 min read