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Brain And Spine Surgery In Pakistan: Q And A With Dr. Sabir Hussain

Dr. Sabir Hussain

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Many different conditions are treated with brain surgery; these conditions include traumatic brain injury, tumour, aneurysm, neurological disease and strokes. Spinal surgeries are done to provide relief to pain in the spine in case non-invasive treatments like medicines and injections prove to be ineffective. 

Dr. Sabir Hussain Bhatti is an expert neurosurgeon Lahore, practising at Medisurg Cantt Clinic. In this session with oladoc, he discusses one of the most important surgeries in Pakistan i.e brain and spine surgery. He discusses the before-and-after process of the surgery, starting from diagnoses, to complications and success rate. 

Q.1: What conditions can be the cause of brain and spinal injury?

The most important cause of brain surgery in Pakistan and all over the world is a traumatic injury, usually caused due to road traffic accidents. Bulks of patients brought to us are involved in some sort of road accident or cases involving electric charge. Moreover, femurs, spine tumours, infections and anomalies in children are also treated with these surgeries. 

Q.2: How to diagnose for brain and spine surgery?

The diagnosis depends upon the clinical presentation of the patient; previous medical history is examined in detail which creates an impression on the surgeon regarding which treatment to opt for. We also have various diagnostic aids such as a CT scan or an MRI of the brain and spinal cord.

These aids help to detect the exact location of complication as well as the extent and area involved in the surgery, we then plan accordingly keeping all possibilities in mind. 

Q.3: How do you prepare patients for brain and spine surgery?

The most important factor is counselling, we encourage patients to ask questions which help us discuss the entire procedure with them. We aware them of the advantages, risk factors and any complications that might arise from surgery, we mentally prepare them.

If the patient is already taking any medications for example medicines that cause thinning of blood, we stop these medications for an interval. The protocol followed in keeping the patient under observation 24 hours prior to the surgery. 

Q.4: What are the different surgical procedures available in Pakistan?

Due to evolution in this field, minimally invasive procedures such as endoscopy are readily performed in Pakistan. Since the brain is the most complex and sophisticated tissue, we prefer intervening minimally but the entire procedure depends upon the legion, type of injury and the extent of the disease.

We mostly perform endoscopy, and on occasions, open surgery is done we do it in a way that is minimally invasive. 

Q.5: What are the complications of brain and spine surgery?

The entire procedure depends upon the location of complication, its nature and the duration of the surgery. Naturally, all procedures have complications but we try our best to prevent them, however, some procedures are extremely difficult for instance an endoscopy might result in a haemorrhage or damage to the surrounding structures. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of leaks, infections and anaesthesia-related reactions. 

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Sabir Hussain
Dr. Sabir Hussain - Author Col. (R) Prof. Dr. Sabir Hussain Bhatti is a Neuro Surgeon practising in Lahore. Col. (R) Prof. Dr. Sabir Hussain Bhatti has the following degrees: MBBS, FCPS (Neuro Surgery), FCPS (General Surgery), Advance Training Germany (Neuro) and has 18 years of experience.

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