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Facial Hair Growth Treatment: Q And A With Adnan Mehmood

Dr. Adnan Mehmood

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Most women in Pakistan suffer from dense facial growth; It has become increasingly common in this day and age owing to our diets laden with chemicals and steroids. Facial hair growth treatment options are limited to threading, waxing and laser treatments. 

Dr. Adnan Mehmood is a dermatologist in Lahore who specializes in helping patients with cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants. In this session with oladoc, he talks about a number of skin-related problems, in particular, facial hair growth and advanced methods to treat it.

Q.1: What are the main causes of excessive facial hair?

There are two primary causes faced by a number of females: PCOS and osteopathic medicine. Then there are risk factors involved as well, this includes tumours, cushion syndrome and geographical distribution. People from Asia generally have dense facial hair due to their ethnicity and age. Genetics also play a key role here, and less commonly, problems like obesity are also known to cause thick facial hair. 

Q.2: Is laser hair removal the best treatment for removing facial hair?

Some people usually have a normal fuzz of hair on their faces but if it grows thick and grows quick, a scientific approach should be adopted. First step when a patient comes for consultation is examination; underlying cause is identified through medical history and hormonal testing. Once the cause is detected, it becomes pertinent to eliminate the problem from its root. Then treatment is opted before laser treatment usually hormonal imbalance is eliminated through oral contraceptives, creams and medications. Then procedures are performed through different tools. 

Q.3: Can laser remove facial hair permanently?

Well, permanent removal depends from patient to patient. The result of laser hair removal varies according to the type and growth of hair each patient has. It is a process aimed at long term reduction of hair, the maximum number of hair is eliminated, but naturally, sometimes a bit of fuzz remains. 

Q.4: What are the side effects of laser hair removal on face, if any?

Naturally, side effects depend on the equipment used in the procedure. If the gadgets and tools are good quality and the operator undertakes the procedure with skill, then there are no problems. Since Asians have more pigment in their skin, it is important to use to the correct wavelength. If the operator uses correct wavelength and procedure depending on the skin of the patient, no side effects occur. 

Q.5: How long does redness last from laser hair removal?

The redness is temporary and usually wears off quickly. If proper precautions are taken by the operator and tools are used with an experienced hand, redness does not last long. There might be slight tingling, some irritation or redness on the skin but effects wear off as soon as the patient steps out of the clinic. It is important to use products and tools of good quality brands with proper precautions and protocols. 

If you want to learn more about facial hair growth and its treatment, then watch the full video.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Adnan Mehmood
Dr. Adnan Mehmood - Author Dr. Adnan Mehmood is a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon based in Lahore. He offers a whole bunch of services including hair translplatnion, anti-aging, skin brightening, and cosmetic surgery.

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