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How To Get Dimples Permanently Without Surgery

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Dimples look cute, right? It gives an innocent look to your face and many people consider them a favorable feature, especially due to the influence of cinema and social media. Some people are born with dimples and others are not.

Dimples can be on one cheek or both cheeks. It usually occurs as a genetic trait. While it may be considered a sign of beauty, dimples are a deformity of the facial muscles. In some cultures, dimples are also associated with good luck.

According to TikTok, you can get dimples naturally without surgery, but is there any truth to it? In this article, we will discuss the formation of dimples and whether you can get them without surgery or not.

What are dimples?


Dimples are indentations at the corner of your mouth and are caused by a variation in the facial muscle, zygomaticus major, which also controls facial expressions. In most people, this muscle begins from your cheekbone and goes down to connect your mouth. In people with dimples, the skin separates before connecting to the mouth.

They are referred to as double muscle majors in scientific terms. Dimples are more obvious on healthy cheeks as the skin folds when you smile. It is considered a birth defect as it usually happens during fetal development. However, they do not have any negative impact on your health and are common in people across the world. While it may be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of dimples, they are genetic and occur naturally.

How To Get Dimples Permanently Without Surgery

You can try the following ways to get dimples naturally:

1. Facial exercises

Facial exercises are often used to tone your face. It can help tone and strengthen your facial muscles and give your face a slimmer look. Some facial exercises are also known to create dimples. A few people claim that these exercises can make you get dimples naturally. Some exercises to get dimples are:

  • Smiling

A smile can make many facial muscles move. Smile and hold it for a few seconds. Try to engage muscles from both cheeks. Repeat this exercise several times a day to get dimples.

  • Fish face exercise

Pull your cheeks inside by puckering your lips. Close your lips making a pout and keeping your teeth apart. This exercise can create an indent in your cheeks that may look like dimples. Pressing where the indentation occurs can give you dimples.

  • Pressing and holding indentations

Identify the areas with the most indentation on your cheeks and hold your fingers over the area. You can also put your finger or a pen where you want dimples to push the skin inside. Doing this several times for 30 seconds may result in dimples.  

2. Makeup

Makeup can alter your physical appearance drastically. You can make dimples appear on your face through makeup if you are a huge fan. Smiling brings out the area where you should have the dimples. Apply a brown pencil on your skin or a shade darker than your usual skin color. Mark the start and end of the place where you want the dimple to appear.

Start drawing a curved line from the top of the dimple to an inch under it. Blend it smoothly with the rest of your makeup to make it appear natural. Try to keep your smile as it is normally because changing your smile may not have the desired effect of the makeup.

3. Piercing

Getting your cheek pierced can give the illusion of a dimple from certain. When your skin gets pierced, it can leave a slight indentation in that area though the effect is temporary. Piercing comes with its own set of risks. Piercing can cause infections so be careful before getting a piercing done.

It is vital to get a piercing done by a professional. Some may refuse cheek piercings as they do not have cartilage to make an indent. Moreover, piercing can also damage your nerves, so make your decision wisely.

Is There Any Way To Get Dimples Permanently?

Getting dimples permanently is only possible through a surgical procedure known as dimpleplasty or dimple surgery. A plastic surgeon can provide you detailed information about this surgery. The cost of the surgery may vary from hospital to hospital, and in Pakistan, it is around Rs. 50,000 or more.

Do TikTok Hacks To Get Dimples Work?

There is a lot of misinformation on social media and you should be careful before trying a new hack. There is no scientific evidence to prove that you can get dimples naturally by the above TikTok hacks. Additionally, the effects of such hacks of DIYs are temporary or you may see no result at all.

Exercising your face can remove fat from your face but it may not give you dimples. Similarly, makeup can be worn for an event but it is not possible to always keep makeup on because it can damage your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, these hacks can harm your skin by causing infections, tissue damage, or bruising. Be careful before trying new ways, especially if their source is social media and check their authenticity to save yourself from hurting your health. If you desperately want to get dimples, dimpleplasty is the only way to get it done.

What Is Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is a surgical procedure done by plastic surgeons that can create dimples on your cheek. Some dermatologists may also be able to do this. It is usually done under topical anesthesia to minimize discomfort during surgery. This procedure involves making a 2 to 3 millimeters area through a biopsy instrument. Then the doctor can suture the skin connecting the outer skin layer with the muscle. It is a quick surgery and is not very risky.

Ensure that you prepare for the surgery beforehand. Get a good night’s sleep and arrange a ride home before going into surgery. Create a safe place for you to rest with all the required things along your side to help you recover. Do not take anything that may interfere with your medication post-surgery. You should consult your doctor and provide details of your medical history.

Recovering From Dimple Surgery

You may face some scarring and swelling after surgery. The doctor may recommend some medicines, including antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory medications, to alleviate the after-effects of surgery. You can also apply ice packs to the inflamed area as it can help soothe the skin.

You should avoid smiling after surgery and maintain good oral hygiene to prevent infections. Talk to your doctor about recovery and ask them for guidance about care after dimple surgery.

Risks Of Dimple Surgery

Dimplyplasty, or dimple surgery is a simple and safe procedure and may not have any long-term effects if you take proper precautions. You may experience scarring and pain initially, which is a normal side effect. Your doctor will guide you on how to handle these issues. In some cases, there can be bleeding and infection. Maintain your hygiene and consult a specialist if any side effects happen.


Dimples are indentations at the corner of the face, and they are common. People love to have dimples as they are a sign of beauty. In reality, they happen due to muscular changes in your cheeks. Many people want to have them, and try to find inexpensive and easy ways to get dimples permanently. Some trends on TikTok claim that you can get dimples at home by exercising your face, using makeup, and getting your cheeks pierced. While some of them may be harmful to try, there isn’t any evidence that can prove that these TikTok hacks can work, so exercise caution before trying these hacks.

So how do you get dimples permanently? The only fool-proof way of getting dimples is through dimpleplasty. Dimple Plastic Surgery is a minor and fast procedure with a short recovery time. In this surgery, the surgeon extracts some muscle and fat from your cheek to create a dimple on one or both sides of the mouth. It is an expensive surgery, so opting for it can be costly. Prepare yourself in advance by making a convenient and comfortable place to rest in your house.

Taking help from family or friends for a few days can help make it easy for you to heal. It may cause pain and inflammation after the surgery, which is easily treatable through medications. Taking care of your oral hygiene can help prevent infections. You should follow proper care instructions after getting this procedure done. You may recover in a few days by taking steps to fasten recovery.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

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