Male Infertility Issues in Pakistan: Why Is It Steadily Rising?

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Male Infertility Issues in Pakistan: Why Is It Steadily Rising?

Male infertility is any issue that decreases the chances of a male getting a female pregnant. This means that despite trying, the couple is unable to have a baby. Globally, in one of 5 infertility cases, the issue is with the man. Even in Pakistan, 21.9 % of male population suffers from infertility issues. Unfortunately, the stats for infertility are increasing every decade.

To talk about why infertility is seeing a global and national surge, we invited Dr. Samra Amin, a leading sexologist and andrologist, to discuss the growing trends. Moreover, we also requested her to shed light on some treatment options for male infertility.

In this session, Dr. Samra talks about how 50% of the causes of infertility are male-related. She also explains that male infertility is steadily increasing in the from of low sperm count. The main causes of low sperm count are drugs, exposure to radiation, urogenital duct blockage, chemotherapy and smoking.

When it comes to treatments, semen analysis is first done to look for abnormal counts. If abnormal counts are detected, the doctor either prescribes medicine or goes through with different methods of sperm retrieval. Conclusively, the treatment usually varies with each individual’s specific sperm counts. To learn more about male infertility treatments, watch Dr. Samra Amin’s full interview below.

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