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Dr. Zameer Abbas Mir


Plastic Surgeon

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Mozang, Lahore
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A brief intro to Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons are doctors who perform surgeries to enhance the look and feel of different body parts. This surgery is interchangeably use the word cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon (Cosmetic Surgeon) is a licensed medical doctor trained in patient interactions, trauma care and basic surgery techniques, as well as specialized areas, like tissue transfer, body contouring and laser surgery. Plastic and reconstructive surgery deals with the restoration of traditional form and function. It's a varied specialty involving adults and youngsters and encompassing a wide range of conditions in several parts of the body. Plastic surgeons shape, mold & give few adds/remove as per needed to the regions of the body like the ears, face, trunk, hands and other extremities. They conjointly repair congenital issues, such as malformed or distorted bone structure in hands or feet