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3 Best Neonatologists in Rawalpindi

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Dr. Mahwish Nadir

Pediatrician, Neonatologist

M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S (Pediatrics)

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Pediatrician, Neonatologist

M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S (Pediatrics)

Under 15 Min Wait Time
9 Years Experience
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Who is a Neonatologist?

Neonatologists (نیونٹولوجسٹ) are medical doctors who specialize in issues pertaining to infants, especially the premature babies and those having underdeveloped organs.

These experts also offer consultation to parents, especially the mothers, before birth, when in case of multiple births and diagnosis of congenital problems.

When should you see a Neonatologist?

Pregnant mothers should visit neonatology expert when their OB-GYN finds some issue with the baby prior to birth. Moreover, pregnant with multiple babies should also get neonatologist (نیونٹولوجسٹ) on board, as there is higher risk of problems with multiple births.

Furthermore, one should also request an expert from neonatology department either in the delivery room or the ward, so that they can evaluate the baby for any problems at birth.

Similarly, those with premature babies also need the help of a neonatologist, for treatment and follow-up care.

Women facing high-risk pregnancy should also visit neonatologists. Moreover, they are also point of contact when there are childbirth complications, for example, pressing of the umbilical cord on the baby, or when the baby’s position is not safe.

Babies with congenital disabilities, weak immune system, or any other condition making their survival difficult also need help from the neonatologist.

What are Neonatologist’s main areas of concern?

Neonatologists are concerned with the wellbeing of a newborn baby. They oversee the babies who are transferred to NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This is most often the case when the baby is a preemie, has complicated infection, hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, chorioamnionitis –a condition remarked by bacterial infection in the membranes of the body --, and respiratory distress.

In the NICU, neonatology team ensures that babies are getting the right care, and are having their nutritional needs met.

Since premature babies suffer from hoard of problems, like feeding issues, breathing problems, increased susceptibility to infections etc., they are overseen by neonatologists in the NICU or the specialized baby nursery.

Neonatologists (نیونٹولوجسٹ) are also required to evaluate the baby when born, in order to ascertain the need for intensive care.

These doctors also play a pivotal role in the wellbeing of the babies, when the deliveries, especially those conducted at home, do not go well. Moreover, they also care for the babies who develop infections after birth. Sepsis, if not treated well in time, can also be fatal.

They are especially concerned with dispensing care to the high-risk babies. Moreover, they also offer treatment to the babies born with birth defects. Neonatologists are also responsible for managing newborns experiencing life-threatening conditions.  

Neonatologists also work closely with OB-GYN, maternal-fetal medicine physicians and pediatricians for the wellbeing of the baby.

What are the most common neonatal issues in Pakistan?

Maternal and infant health is a sadly neglected area in Pakistan. Women in remote areas do not have access to proper medical care, and have to resort to mid-wives, who do not even have proper training.

In case of distress to the baby or any other danger to the health, aid well within time is not always possible.

Hence, Pakistan has the worst infant mortality rate in the region; there are 42 deaths per 1000 live births. Even more unfortunate is the fact that most cases are preventable, if women get due care.

Moreover, since maternal health is sorely neglected, underweight babies are born, leading to complications with the infants.

Similarly, due lack of quality medical equipment, it is hard for the doctors and staff to ascertain the proper due date for mothers. The situation is compounded by illiteracy and lack of knowledge amongst pregnant women, who also are not aware of their conception date. This has led to high number of induced labors and premature births at Lady Reading Hospital.

According to Healthy Newborn Network, following are the major causes of neonatal deaths in Pakistan:



% Of deaths

Preterm birth complications


Intrapartum related events


Sepsis or tetanus


Congenital abnormalities






Other conditions


How to become a Neonatologist in Pakistan?

To become a neonatologist (نیونٹولوجسٹ), you first must complete your M.B.B.S and then house-job. You then have to complete 4 years training in Pediatrics and pass the relevant FCPS exams.

Then, you need enter a specialization program for to become a neonatologist. Most programs last for 2 years. After successful completion of training and passing the exams, you can get accredited by College of Physicians and Surgeons, and practice as a neonatologist.

What are Neonatologists called in Pakistan?

Neonatologists are also known as:

  • Pediatrician
  • Bachoun ka doctor
  • نیونٹولوجسٹ۔

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Neonatologist in Rawalpindi?

9 best Neonatologists in Rawalpindi are:

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan Halim
  • Col. Dr. Sadia Batool Alvi
  • Dr. Qaisar Shahzad
  • Dr. Shoaib Ahmed
  • Maj. (R) Dr. Muhammad Amir Ali Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Musarrat Jamal
  • Dr. Muhammad Arslan Farooq
  • Dr. Faiza Hamza Khan
  • Dr. Sobia Rashid

Who are the most experienced Neonatologist in Rawalpindi?

3 most experienced Neonatologists in Rawalpindi are:

  • Dr. Qaisar Shahzad
  • Maj. (R) Dr. Muhammad Amir Ali Khan
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan Halim

How can I book an appointment with a Neonatologist in Rawalpindi?

Click here to book an appointment with a top Neonatologist in Rawalpindi. Or, you can also call at 0518151800 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of the best Neonatologists in Rawalpindi?

The fee for the top Neonatologists in Rawalpindi is 1500. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Neonatologist in Rawalpindi through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.

What does a Neonatologist do?

Neonatologists (نیونٹولوجسٹ) are primarily pediatricians, who have specialized in the care for newborns. They work to provide care for the unwell, high-risk or the premature babies. They also assess the babies in the postnatal wards, to evaluate their health.

Moreover, experts of neonatology are also responsible for drafting treatment and care plan for the infants who are born prematurely or those who are critically ill. Similarly, they also guide mothers over the neonatal dietary needs.

In case the baby is born prematurely, they also keep track of the baby’s health, and provide follow-up assessment as well.

These doctors also work with at-risk pregnant women, giving them antenatal consultation and counseling. Some neonatologists also perform bereavement counseling, which is to help parents cope with the loss of their baby.

Issues generally catered to by neonatologists (نیونٹولوجسٹ) include respiratory and digestive problems and lack of oxygen, medically known as perinatal asphyxia.

Which hospital is the best for Neonatologist in Rawalpindi?

Top 5 Pediatrics Hospitals in Rawalpindi are:

  • Mega Medical Complex
  • Nusrat Hospital (Rawalpindi)
  • Haleema Siraj Hospital
  • Nazeer Begum Memorial Hospital
  • Reliance Hospital

How do I choose a Neonatologist?

Finding a good doctor is vital for proper diagnosis & treatment of your underlying concern. Before you make the decision of picking out a Neonatologist, consider the following:

  • Make sure they are experienced
  • Make sure your doctor has good reviews.
  • Make sure they offer the services you are looking for
  • Verify, if they are certified from PMDC or have any other professional memberships
  • Check if they are affiliated with a hospital you trust

Who are the best Neonatologist near me in Rawalpindi?

To find the best Neonatologist near you select the Doctors Near me filter at the top of the page.

Which Neonatologists in Rawalpindi charge the lowest fee?

5 Neonatologists in Rawalpindi which charge the lowest fee are:

  • Dr. Muhammad Arslan Farooq
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan Halim
  • Dr. Qaisar Shahzad
  • Maj. (R) Dr. Muhammad Amir Ali Khan
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan Halim

Who are the best female Neonatologists in Rawalpindi?

3 best female Neonatologists in Rawalpindi are:

  • Col. Dr. Sadia Batool Alvi
  • Dr. Sobia Rashid
  • Dr. Faiza Hamza Khan

Which Neonatologists in Rawalpindi are available for online video consultation?

2 best Neonatologists in Rawalpindi for online video consultation are:

  • Dr. Muhammad Arslan Farooq
  • Dr. Nosheen Farhan

Which Neonatologists in Rawalpindi are online now?

Click here to get a list of Neonatologists in Rawalpindi that are online now/available for appointment booking.