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What is COVID-19 / Corona Virus Treatment?

Corona Virus Treatment is the effective care of the patient that has been infected with the virus. It involves various techniques & methods depending upon the severity of the symptoms. Since the current coronavirus is a novel coronavirus that is still being investigated and researched. WHO, doctors, scientists, and researchers all around the globe are working to the best of their abilities to understand this virus and on how to counter it. The best way to keep yourself safe from this virus is PREVENTION.

What is Corona Virus or COVID 19?

Corona-Virus or COVID-19 is a contagious virus that has spread worldwide, becoming a global pandemic and affecting millions. Corona-virus is a name given to a family of viruses that cause sickness among mammals. This family is known to cause respiratory infections in humans, while in other animals, it can also cause diseases like diarrhea and upper respiratory disease. This virus is highly contagious and can spread not only between animals and humans but also has a high rate of human-human transmission.

Symptoms of COVID 19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 are mostly respiratory in nature. If one has caught the virus, the incubation period is 2 to 14 days, but in most cases, the disease manifests on the fourth day. The symptoms are mild in 80 percent of individuals and include cough, headache, new onset of fatigue, sore throat, muscle aches, nasal congestion, fever, nausea or vomiting, and loss of taste or smell.

In the remaining 20 percent of cases, disease severity is manifested by dropping oxygen saturation (below 90 percent), difficulty in breathing, pressure or pain in the chest, heart muscle damage, kidney failure, and nervous system damage.

When do symptoms appear if someone is exposed to COVID?

In 80% of cases, if someone is exposed to COVID, symptoms appear around day four. These symptoms can be mild or major depending upon various factors, and some people can even be asymptomatic carriers. This means that while they are carrying the virus, they do not show any symptoms. Naturally, this is dangerous as they may unknowingly transmit the virus to other people they come in contact with.

How is COVID-19 diagnosed?

The diagnosis of COVID-19 is based on the clinical picture and confirmed with the help of investigations like PCR. Viral tests like PCR can tell if the patient is infected with the virus, while other tests like the antibody test can tell if one has recovered from COVID-19 or if there was previous exposure to the virus. In most cases, the antibodies develop twelve days after exposure.

When to seek medical attention?

In mild cases of covid-19, self-isolate and treat at home. However, be on the lookout for warning signs, as they warrant immediate medical care. The warning signs include trouble breathing, fall in the oxygen saturation (below 90%), inability to stay awake, new onset of confusion and grogginess, bluish discoloration of lips, skin, and nails, and persistent pressure in the chest.

What are the different types of COVID 19 Treatment Methods?

For mild cases of coronavirus, over-the-counter antipyretics and fever reducers are recommended, including acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Additionally, multivitamins can be added to the regimen in order to battle the micronutrient deficiency that can compound illness and improve immunity—particularly vitamin D and vitamin A.

More severe disease is treated by a combination of oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilatory support, immunosuppressants like corticosteroids, antivirals, antibiotics to prevent superadded bacterial infections, and infusions of monoclonal antibodies in a hospital setting.

Therapy started earlier over the course of the disease has proven to reduce the severity of the disease along with its duration. High-risk patients like those who have diabetes, are immunocompromised, have hypertension or chronic heart disease should seek immediate medical help upon confirmation of disease and start medication early as per the recommendation of their healthcare provider.

To highlight the importance of the preventive measures for coronavirus, we would like to remind the reader that severe COVID-19 can be fatal. During the course of the disease, complications may develop at any time, even in seemingly stable patients. Therefore, following the SOPs and monitoring the patient is very important.

What kind of doctors offer COVID 19 Treatment?

COVID-19 is treated by general physicians as well as pulmonologists. For ventilatory support, the primary care physician is aided by the intensivists, who monitor the patient in the ICU.

How to limit the spread of coronavirus?

All around the world, healthcare providers, governments, and researchers are working to develop procedures and policies to help limit the spread of Coronavirus from infected people.

The virus spreads through droplets of the infected people and carriers when they cough, talk, breathe, shake hands with and sneeze near another person. The virus also spreads when someone touches the objects it lands on. This is why handwashing and wearing masks are encouraged to curtail the spread of the virus.

The best advice with regards to limiting the spread of the virus include: staying at least six feet away from another person—since they can be a silent carrier or infected with covid-19. It is ideal to avoid crowded places and large gatherings, especially in closed spaces. It's best to wear a mask or a cloth to cover the mouth and the nose since respiratory droplets are the biggest means of spreading the virus.

Since one can unknowingly touch surfaces or handle objects with the virus on them, constant hand washing is a must. For this purpose, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also good as it disintegrates the outer membrane of the virus and kills it. If one feels ill, it is better to self-isolate in case you are infected. These measures are designed to minimize the spread of the virus and stay true even for vaccinated and recovered individuals.

What is the cost of Covid 19 or CoronaVirus treatment in Pakistan?

Covid 19 or CoronaVirus treatment cost depends upon multiple factors such as the condition of the patient, treatment method applied, equipment used, hospital in which the procedures take place and the doctor performing the treatment, etc.

The cost varies and therefore, it is better to consult a specialist and share the details of the patient. Oladoc helps make the job easier for you and connects you with the top-rated health care specialists across Pakistan. Book your in-office or video consultation now and get amazing discounts on your appointments.

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Who is the best doctor for COVID-19 / Corona Virus Treatment in Sahiwal?

1 best doctors performing COVID-19 / Corona Virus Treatment in Sahiwal are:

  • Dr. Usman Ahmed

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What is the fee range of the best doctors performing COVID-19 / Corona Virus Treatment in Sahiwal?

The fee for top doctors performing treatment of COVID-19 / Corona Virus Treatment in Sahiwal ranges from Rs. 1500 to 1500. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

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There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.