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Toes spread out involuntarily

Asked for Male, 31 years

This is predominantly on my right foot, but my ring toe spreads away from the rest of my toes on its own. I can feel it which makes it quite annoying, sometimes it spreads so far to the right the other toes follow then they snap back into place and repeat. I also have calf muscle twitching on the right side, I am not worried about anything serious, its just annoying as something is always twitching somewhere on my body. They are not the kind of twitches I can ignore, they are very noticeable.

Responses (1)
Dr. Beenish Ehsan
Family Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

I'm sorry to hear that. These sound unusual. I would recommend you to consult a neurologist first. He can guide you whether you need a rheumatologist or not. This seems like a nervous issue. We wish you a speedy recovery.

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