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10 Self Defense Techniques For Women in Pakistan

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Self defense techniques can help women in Pakistan properly defend themselves against harassers. In this article we will discuss about some self defense techniques that are fairly straightforward and easy for you to practically implement.

Want to travel somewhere at night? Do you really feel comfortable? Not at all if you are a woman, living in Pakistan. Everyone should learn self-defense tips and especially a woman. Nowadays, it is getting miserable for them to travel alone.

With the recent rise in sexual crimes in the country it is high time that women in Pakistan start getting self-defense training. Self-defense can help women effectively fend off their harassers and defuse any threat to their safety.

Therefore you must know the tips with which you can protect yourself. When traveling alone, you may feel uncomfortable due to the weird vibes you get from some people. If you feel something, trust yourself. Do not misconstrue your inner feelings. They are mostly not your delusions.

For all, we know sexual predators are roaming freely in public and on the streets. To defend against a sexual assault it is better to prepare in advance.

When you know how to protect yourself with self-defense tips, you can deal with the situation well. You can save yourself from abuse, either sexual or physical. No matter how strong the attacker is, you can still beat them if you focus on the right parts.

With these 10 self-defense tips for women in Pakistan, you can learn to fight back and save yourself from being the victim of an assault:

1. Trust yourself

Many women tend to ignore their inner instincts. But you should not do that. Many women register themselves in self-defense courses after being assaulted. While recalling the incident, they say that they got a weird feeling. But ignored their inner instinct because they did not want to act paranoid.

However, this approach is wrong. You should raise your voice or move from the place as soon as possible where you feel uncomfortable. Many women are conditioned to keep their voices low, even if something abusive happens. But this should not be done.

You should tell someone if you do not feel comfortable in a certain situation. Your instinct indicates danger well. Therefore, if next time you feel uncomfortable and get instincts that something bad is going to happen, you must trust yourself.

2. Do not keep yourself accessible

If you get weird vibes from someone, try to escape as soon as possible. After the person has tried the first blow, you may not be able to do that.

Therefore if you are standing to get into the elevator, do not get inside with someone whom you think can misbehave. In this case, wait for another elevator or take the stairs. Do not keep yourself accessible to the people from whom you get abnormal vibes.

3. Be confident

When going outside, be confident. Harassers and abusers tend to target women who seem scared, terrorized, lost in thoughts, carrying too much baggage, or busy with children. While going out, you must not have your head downwards or hands in your pocket as it makes your confidence seem low.

Attackers mostly target girls who are confused, lost, distracted, and have low confidence. They are like predators, targeting those who seem weak.

When you move with your head up, shoulder back, and eyes open, you can reduce the chances of becoming their target many folds.

4. Maintain a safe distance

You must maintain a safe distance from any stranger talking to you. Even to fight back, you need a certain space. When you are energized to counterattack, you need a quarter of a second to react back- known as the reactionary gap. You must anticipate it when reacting back and thinking of personal space.

5. Incorporate the element of surprise

Most harassers think that you may not be able to defend yourself. Therefore they may not be ready for your return attack. Try to engage the harasser in a conversation and distract their attention and take advantage of surprise.

If they grab you from behind, react immediately. Your attack can surprise them. Therefore, you must make the most of it.

6. If you fall, do not worry

Often during an encounter, women end up falling on the ground. But you must know that attackers are not adeptly skilled ground fighters. Often, they just bully, knockdown, and force women. In that case, you can try a heel palm strike or eye strike that works well on the ground. You can also use your legs to kick a person.

7. Pepper spray

You can make your pepper spray by mixing water and pepper. If someone comes near to harras you, you can spray it over their eyes. In this way, you can escape while they get distracted. You can use other spices too or the perfume that you keep in your bag.

8. Hairstyle

When traveling alone at night, try making a bun. When you make a ponytail or have loose hair, you provide an easy ground for the abuser to grab you from your hair.

However, one can not predict that this may be the case all the time. But it may make it much easier for them to grab you from your hair. When you have a hairstyle that is not gripping, the abuser may not be able to hold your head tightly.

You can also consider wearing a hoodie or a scarf that covers your hair well and does not let them hold your head.

9. Attack the groin

If a harasser is coming from the front, try using a groin kick. It will be effective to knock down or even paralyze your attacker for some time, making an escape possible for you.

If the attacker is too close that you can not move your leg properly, you can use your knee to kick their groin. In this way, you can target their groin without the need for much space. Attacking at the groin is quite effective as it is a sensitive area.

10. Some safety tips

To protect yourself from an attack, you can exercise the following tips;

  • Try not to go home alone. Be in a crowd or ask someone to accompany you. Avoid dark areas and travel through well-lit areas.
  • If you get some weird feelings, enter into a tea or coffee shop and ask for help.
  • Carry protective things such as a personal safety alarm, lipstick taser, pepper spray, or other self-defense tools that can help.

When someone attacks you, try to maintain your calm. The more relaxed you will remain, the better you will be able to counterattack. Try not to panic. Keep all your concentration in replying. Moreover, try to engage the abuser in verbal dialogues while you prepare the plan in your mind.

Try to report to the police as soon as possible. And whenever you get some weird feelings from anyone, do not ignore them. Believe yourself and try to escape soon or call for help.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

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