Bariatric And Malabsorptive Surgery: Q And A With Dr. M. Rashid Siraj

Dr. M. Siraj

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bariatric and malabsorptive surgery

Bariatric and malabsorptive surgery are aimed at weight loss. Different procedures such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric band, and biliopancreatic diversion with the duodenal switch are performed on patients with obesity. 

Dr. Muhammad Rashid Siraj is a general and laparoscopic surgeon in Lahore. In this session with oladoc, he talked about bariatric surgery and malabsorptive surgery as well as restrictive bariatric surgery. The discussion also covered the processes, reasons, risk factors, and side effects of these surgeries.

Q.1: What is restrictive bariatric surgery and malabsorptive surgery?

Restrictive bariatric surgery involves restricting the intake in body to counter obesity; this is usually performed in cases where the patients suffer from diabetes or hormonal problems.

Restrictive bariatric surgery is most commonly performed on patients suffering from diabetes type II. Malabsorptive surgery relates to changes in the anatomy of the body, this is performed in cases where whole foods consumed by the patient are mal-absorbed, by virtue of not being properly absorbed it results in rapid weight gain. 

Q.2: How do you diagnose a patient?

The most important concern for us is a total investigation of the patient’s body. This involves taking into account the BMI, dietary habits and detailed analysis of past medical history. If the surgery is to be performed, patients are prescribed a low-calorie diet to prepare them for surgery.

This diet continues for 2-3 weeks then the procedure is performed. Bariatric surgery is the best treatment for obesity; it caters to different types of patient. The surgery takes up to 1.5-2 hours, the time varies from patient to patient. 

Q.3: What are the side effects of bariatric surgery?

All surgical procedures tend to have side effects; the number of side effects can be reduced by skilled and competent operators. It is important to keep in mind that the side effects can only be limited, not completely waived off. Slippage of gastric band can sometimes occur because the body responds to foreign body reaction.

Vitamin deficiency occurs for which patients are prescribed lifelong dosage of vitamins. 

Q.4: How much weight can a patient lose after bariatric surgery?

This is a frequently asked question; the number on scale varies for each patient in accordance with their lifestyle. Surgery alone cannot counter obesity, the patient must be prepared to make dietary changes and adopt an exercise regime. With the compliance of patients, it is possible to lose 50-70 kg in a few months

Q.5: What is the success rate of Bariatric surgery?

The success rate again varies depending on the patient, patient compliance is very important in this matter. Generally, patients lose up to 6-7 kg per month with the help of healthy diet choices and exercise routine; this amounts to significant weight loss in the long run.

The patient is kept in hospital for 24 hours after the surgery, but they can resume their day to day activities within a day or two. Bariatric surgery is the most effective procedure in cases of obesity. 

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Dr. M. Siraj - Author Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rashid Siraj is a General Surgeon practising in Lahore. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rashid Siraj has the following degrees: MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, MRCS (Ed.), Dip. in M.I.S (France) and has 16 years of experience.