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Female Masturbation: Embracing your Womanhood

Female Masturbation is a taboo subject with various myths & misconceptions. This article provides you with a deep insight on female masturbation.
Habiba A. Khan
5 min read

Everything you need to know about Augmentin in Pakistan

Augmentin is a prescription drug commonly used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Find more about Augmentin use in Pakistan.
Habiba A. Khan
4 min read

Comprehensive Guide to Eating Disorders in Pakistan

Eating Disorder is a commonly found issue in Pakistan. A large number of men & women from different age groups suffer from this problem
Habiba A. Khan
6 min read

Breast Cancer Cures Available in Pakistan

Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in women and the number of patients are increasing on an alarming rate....
Habiba A. Khan
7 min read

Sex Education for Teenagers & It’s importance in Pakistan

What is Sex Education? Sex education is the provision of information about bodily development, sex, sexuality, and relationships, along with skills-building to help young...
Habiba A. Khan
7 min read

Pakistan’s Porn Problem: Overcoming Addiction

Porn addiction is a shockingly common issue in Pakistan. Here's how you can understand overcome it.
Habiba A. Khan
8 min read

Drug Addiction: Pakistan’s Hidden Habit

Drug abuse and addiction are rampant in Pakistan but is rarely talked about. Here's why
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

ڈیپریشن کی نشانیاں اور علاج

ڈیپریشن کیا ہے؟ ڈیپریشن ایک ذہنی کیفیّت کا نام ہے میں خود کو بے بس اور کچھ بھی نہ کرسکنے کے قابل سمجھنا ڈیپریشن...
Habiba A. Khan
10 sec read

How Air Pollution Is Leading To Respiratory Problems

Outdoor air pollution in Pakistan has become a major threat to global public health. Air now contains high concentrations of pollutant gases such as...
Habiba A. Khan
1 min read