Breast Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention

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Breast cancer is the second most common types of cancers among women. According to stats, 1 out of 8 women in the US develops this condition at least once in a lifetime. It is common for women aged 55-65. Theoretically, men can also develop breast cancer but the risks are relatively low. Family history also plays a role. Other risk factors are genetic mutations, starting menstruation before 12 years, or going on menopause after 55, not having children and having dense breast tissues. Following are some of the symptoms. However, these symptoms aren’t always necessarily evident.

  • A lump in breast or armpit
  • Red of flaky skin around the nipple
  • Discharge from nipple
  • Swelling of breast

The risk of breast cancer in women is increasing every day. However, the good news is that the treatment is getting better and more effective. Here are some of the tips to prevent breast cancer, for prevention is better than cure.


Try breastfeeding for a total of one year or more. It significantly lowers down the risks of developing breast cancer. It also has a lot of other health benefits, for both, the mother and the child.

Avoid Hormonal Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills put you at a risk of developing breast cancer. If you can, consider opting for non-hormonal birth control options. Discuss your birth control options with your healthcare provider and see what suits you the best.

Avoid Post-Menopausal Hormones:

Post-Menopausal Hormones aren’t supposed to be taken for a longer period of time. To better understand the risk factors specific to you, consult with your healthcare provider.

Don’t Forget Screenings:

Don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and get regular screenings. Regular checkups are the best way to make sure you are your healthiest self and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being safe. Regular screening is especially important to detect breast cancer at an early stage where treatment is most effective.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Maintaining a healthy weight also helps to lower the risk of cancer. While the effects of healthy eating and maintaining your BMI weight on breast cancer are unclear, researchers highlight that a healthy weight lowers the risk of developing cancer. Consume fruits and vegetables daily and prefer eating organic food. Avoid processed food, which is one the leading causes of cancer. Exercise and stay in shape. Exercising builds up stamina and increases life expectancy. The healthier you are, the lower your risk of catching a terminal illness.

Limit Your Alcohol Usage:

According to some of the researchers, heavy alcohol use is linked to cancer. If you are a heavy drinker, limit your drinking. Remember that healthy life choices will not only ensure that you live a longer life but it will also ensure that you have a better quality of life.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.