My Experience With oladoc – A Patient’s Review

A patient, Muhammad Bilal Ahsan, happened to book an appointment with oladoc. He shares the intriguing story about his experience below, giving his honest...
Abdul Rehman
3 min read

11 Vitamin D Rich Foods To Add To Your…

Your body synthesizes vitamin D in response to sun exposure. That’s why it is referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ sometimes. It is naturally...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
5 min read

Cervical Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Cervical cancer is a particularly deadly kind of cancer so catching it early is essential. Here's a definitive list of cervical cancer symptoms.
Maida (Ex. Editor)
2 min read

How to Take Care of Your Thyroid in Winter

Thyroid is a gland present in the human body and controls the metabolism. Thyroid produces many important hormones which maintain the temperature and energy...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
2 min read

Epidemic Alert: The Deadly Corona-virus & How To Stay…

With the emergence of the first corona-virus case in Pakistan, an epidemic alert is in order. The virus has put all the relevant authorities...
2 min read