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Dental Tartar And Its Treatment: Q And A With Dr. Usman Khurram Khan

Dr. Usman Khurram Khan

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Dental tartar on teeth tartar is a crusty deposit that traps stains on the teeth and causes a yellow discolouration. It’s important to get rid of dental tartar otherwise you may be putting your teeth at risk for tooth decay, and cavities. Similarly, dental tartar and its treatment must also be done if you are looking to get those pearly whites.

To learn about dental tartar, we invited Dr. Usman Khurram Khan an experienced dentist in Lahore, to give his expert advice about dental tartar and its treatment. He practices at Mid City Hospital and provides a solution for a range of dental health concerns.

Q.1. What is dental tartar?

Today’s topic is dental tartar and it is basically what deposits on the teeth after the improper brushing of the teeth. It forms a crusty deposit on the teeth gradually and has a yellow colour.

Q.2. What happens if you leave tartar on your teeth?

If the dental tartar is not removed from the teeth, it can cause tooth sensitivity and loosening. Additionally, it can also cause bleeding that may eventually lead to dental caries or tooth decay.

Q.3. Can you dissolve tartar on teeth?

Since, tartar deposits are hard, crusty and mineralised, they can’t be removed by brushing. For removal of tartar, you need to see a dentist who performs scaling and cleaning of the teeth to remove tartar.

Q.4. How do you treat dental tartar?

Well, first we look towards preventing dental tartar. That includes different ways of brushing in which you can effectively remove tartar. The advantage of going to a doctor is that if you have a “mineralised, crusty tartar” the doctor can help remove it by scaling. One can then continue the brushing and keep the tartar at bay.

Q.5. Why do teeth get yellow?

Teeth can get yellow for two reasons; the first is that with aging, the surface of the teeth erodes with time. So, dentine which is the “yellowish” inner layer of the teeth gets exposed, giving the teeth a yellow appearance. 

The second is external staining. The external stain could be caused by something you have eaten, or through smoking. The external stains can be removed by polishing and scaling, whereas the internal stains may be removed by bleaching.

If you want to learn more about dental tartar and its treatment, then watch the full interview. Moreover, if you want to get your teeth whitened, consult a dentist.
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Dr. Usman Khurram Khan - Author Dr. Usman Khurram Khan is a Dentist practising in Lahore. Dr. Usman Khurram Khan has the following degree: BDS and has 5 years of experience. You can book an appointment with Dr. Usman Khurram Khan by calling us or using the 'book appointment' button.
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