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How Super Successful Women Start Their Days

Ms. Nida Ghani

2 min read

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Attitude is everything—and if you start your day with a positive one, you’ll find it to be a productive . Morning habits matter, especially if you are a woman and have a family—then you have to make every minute count. Researchers and psychologists claim that successful people always cultivate habits that make them more productive and set intentions at the start of every day to manage their time most efficiently.

Let us review some of the morning habits of successful women and how they manage their time.

They set goals for the day:

Many successful women start their day, and sometimes their week by setting goals. Mornings are the time when the mind is most clear and creative juices are flowing. It can be the best time to plan your day ahead, and even to tackle the most important things first.

Jessica Mah, the CEO, and co-founder of inDinero says that she habitually plans her whole week ahead on Monday mornings. It ensures that the most important tasks of the week get done first before other pesky errands take over.

They fix a quick get-ready routine:

Most of us are too busy in the morning to spend hours primping in front of the mirror—this does not mean, however, that we don’t want to look our best. Boss women have a mastered quick get-ready routine that ensures they are ready in under fifteen minutes.

Eva Chen, the Head of Fashion at Instagram, starts the day by dressing herself shoes up. This is a great way to get ready quick, as it cuts down the “what to wear?” time in half.

They meditate:

Meditation can help clear the mind, and more focused on the tasks ahead. You can only be productive if you feel centered throughout the day, and meditation can help set the tone. Spending ten to twenty minutes every day for meditation is an age-old practice that many successful women swear by.

Meditation is especially helpful for working mothers who find it difficult throughout the day to find time for themselves. This ‘alone time’ in a quiet corner can make them more prepared for the challenges the day brings.

Successful women like Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul, and Arianna Huffington, head of Huffington Post Media Group start their mornings with meditation, and it forms an integral part of their morning routine.

They workout:

Nearly every successful woman would find time throughout the day for an exercise session—more often an early morning one. This is because she realizes that a healthy body is a pre-requisite for a healthy mind. It also gets the blood moving and releases endorphins that are mood-boosters. Working out also keeps stress at bay.

Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, is a great advocate of morning exercise. She makes time for her workout session by waking at 4.30 in the morning. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, starts her day at 5.45 in the morning by an hour-long tennis match.

Successful women often have to work double time to balance their work and family. If you find that your schedule is taking a toll on your mental and physical health, then find time to prioritize yourself first.

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