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How to Get NIMS NADRA Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

Dr. Hira Tanveer

2 min read

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Here’s how you can get your NIMS NADRA vaccination certificate online in Pakistan from the NIMS NADRA website! Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and download your vaccination certificate online in just Rs. 100.

What is the NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

The vaccination certificate is the official proof of the fact that you have gotten vaccinated for COVID-19. Since 2021, the NCOC through the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) has started numerous vaccination drives in Pakistan. People all over Pakistan can get vaccinated easily at various pre determined vaccination centers across the country.

How to Get NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online in Pakistan

Follow these steps to get your vaccination certificate online:

1. Go to the NIMS NADRA Website

Visit nims.nadra.gov.pk on any web or mobile browser.

2. Select COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Option

You need to select the option from the top bar that says کوویڈ 19 ویکسینیشن سرٹیفکیٹ کا حصول

NIMS NADRA website

3. Enter Your ID Card Number and CNIC Issue Date

Enter your 13-digit National Identity Card (NIC) Number and its issue date. You will also have to solve the captcha. After that verify your entry by selecting the تصدیق کریں button.


4. Enter Your Name, Passport Number and Nationality

The next step is to provide your name, passport number if available, and your nationality. Then confirm to proceed further.

Enter passport number

5. Payment Options

There are two payment options for the vaccination certificate. You can pay online via your master or visa credit/debit card or pay at a nearby esahulat franchise. In case you choose the credit/debit card option you will get an OTP on your mobile number which you have to enter to confirm your payment. The fee for the vaccination certificate is Rs. 100 only.

Payment options

6. Get Your Vaccination Certificate

After successful payment you can download your NADRA Vaccination Certificate.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Watch the video below for more details regarding the nims nadra certificate.

Why Should I Get the COVID-19 NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

There are many benefits of getting the NADRA Vaccination Certificate. Firstly, it can be used as evidence to show anyone that you are vaccinated for COVID-19. One of the most important benefits of the vaccination certificate is for frequent travelers. People who wish to travel abroad have to show their vaccination certificates at airports as a precautionary measure.

If you do not have a nims certificate you will be barred from entry into the airport and hence won’t be able to travel abroad. Moreover some workplaces have made it mandatory for employees to submit their vaccination certificates in a bid to tighten COVID-19 protocols and control the spread of the disease.

A vaccination certificate is also mandatory when visiting tourist spots in Pakistan. According to the Interim Guidelines for Reopening Tourism, the vaccination certificates are necessary to book hotel/guest house rooms as a safety measure. This is just one of several SOPs laid down by the Government of Pakistan in order to curb the spread of the pandemic amid the reopening of tourism.

Educational institutes across the country are now also requiring students to provide their vaccination certificates for entry and study.

Therefore, if you have gotten vaccinated it is imperative to get your COVID immunisation certificate as soon as possible.

Who Can Get the Vaccination Certificate?

Any Pakistani citizen who has received two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine can get the vaccination certificate from the NIMS NADRA website.

What Is the Fee for the Vaccination Certificate?

The fee for the vaccination certificate is Rs. 100

Get the PAK Covid-19 Vaccination Pass App

The PAK Covid-19 Vaccination Pass App has been launched by NADRA on Google Play and App Store. With this app Pakistani citizens can download their COVID-19 NADRA vaccination certificate and save it on their mobile phones.

Getting the NIMS NADRA vaccination certificate is easy and you can do it while sitting at home by following the above steps.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Hira Tanveer
Dr. Hira Tanveer - Author Dr. Hira Tanveer is an MBBS doctor and currently serving at CMH Lahore. Writing is her favorite hobby as she loves to share professional advice on trendy healthcare issues, general well-being, healthy diet, and lifestyle.
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