How To Stay Fit During The Corona Outbreak

Dr. Hira Tanveer

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Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic and has affected the entire global community. An airborne disease, it gets transmitted through droplets suspended in the air. Whilst this virus stays suspended in the air, droplets settle down after 10 minutes with the particles. The virus itself survives for hours and even days on other surfaces. This causes the virus to spread like wildfire, affecting a large number of people. Therefore, public places and gatherings are dangerous as they act as propagators of the spread. 

In this case, people who are gym fiend may find it very hard to change out of their routine. Others suffer due to reduced physical activity due to quarantine. However, it is necessary to make adjustments in the moment of crisis. Following are some of the Dos and Don’ts of physical fitness during corona outbreak: 

DO Burpees for the back 

One really does not need extensive and fancy gym equipment to work those back muscles. Instead, take up burpees. They are great for keeping one in good physical shape and works your back muscles just fine. 

To make it more challenging, you can increase their number. Or, make your own workout routine based on a concoction of pushups, squats, and burpees. This also makes sure that you are enjoying the workout that you crafted for yourself. Also, you can search for all the possible combinations of challenging burpees and push yourself if you want to. 

DO try to diversify your exercise routine

To lighten and liven up the otherwise bleak situation, you can try out different workout routines. You can thus diversify your workout palate and experiment with different types of exercises. Fire up your computer and search for different workout routines. Try out new things in attempts to stay fit during the corona outbreak and get entertained at the same time. 

There are so many types of exercises out there like; Zumba, Tabata, Kickboxing, Dance, Aerobics. All these exercises are not only challenging but fun You can do them with your family as well. This could be a fun way of doing cardio, especially if you haven’t tried them before. 

If you want a more relaxing stream of exercise routine, you can try yoga or perhaps some Pilates. People who are fond of pumping iron will be surprised at how difficult these exercises can be. The best part about yoga and Pilates is that they also help practice mindful breathing. This helps to lower stress levels. Hence, it is especially recommended for the stressful times that we are all experiencing. 

DO Get creative with your household items

You don’t need a gym spread to stay fit during the corona outbreak. Think outside the conventional realm and utilize your household items as a makeshift gym. For example, use the chair to support your squats. Use water bottles to lift weights. Try to design your own routine and have fun innovating. 

DO Get your Fitness instructor on Videocall

If you frequented the gym to keep fit, you can always have a virtual class. Get your instructor on board as chances are that they too are acting responsibly and quarantining themselves. And then have a class on videocall. Add other members of your gym class to the call as well. Online gym classes can be fun too. 

DO Eat well

With the outbreak, it is very hard to eat out. Therefore, you can prepare your own healthy meal at home, perhaps the only silver lining in this whole fiasco. With the reduced exposure to temptation, you can carry out eating well. 

Try eating natural foods. Take foods that boost immunity like almonds, garlic, yogurt, coriander, spinach, ginger, citrus fruits, etc. These will, therefore, help you fight coronavirus as well. Remember, eating well is the key to staying well!

DO Remember your mental health as well!

Staying physically fit is impossible without being mentally well. Whilst times are stressful and hard, channel yourself towards positivity. Stress reduces the body’s immune system and makes it vulnerable to contracting illnesses. Moreover, mental illnesses like depression cause physical ailments as well.

Hence, make conscious efforts to mentally stay fit during the corona outbreak as well. Try doing more activities that will take your mind off this situation and help you relax. Also, doing breathing exercises like yoga also helps the body counter the stress. Meditation too can promote your mental wellbeing. 

DON’T go to the gym

Due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, no risks should be taken with your health. It is very important to be socially responsible and not expose yourself unnecessarily. Your health is much more important than your fitness. Plus, public congregations are a hazard in light of the contagious nature of the virus.

Moreover, even if the gym has sanitizers available and trying to have hygienic practices, they still can’t guarantee safety. Due to a large number of people using the equipment, one can never be sure if they washed their hands prior to touching the gym machine and paraphernalia. Therefore, the possible transmission risk is great.

Moreover, you too could be carrying the virus. Due to the long incubation period of the virus, it is hard to tell initially if someone is infected. Therefore, any irresponsible behavior on your part could infect others and jeopardize their lives too. This is especially important for a country like ours where the health care resources are scarce, to begin with. Hence, not imposing self-quarantine will overburden these further.

If you or a loved one is showing any symptoms of coronavirus, you should visit a general physician as soon as possible. You can book an appointment with a top general physician through or by calling at our helpline via this number 042-389-00939.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Hira Tanveer - Author Dr. Hira Tanveer is an MBBS doctor and currently serving at CMH Lahore. Writing is her favorite hobby as she loves to share professional advice on trendy healthcare issues, general well-being, a healthy diet, and lifestyle.