Impact Of Coronavirus: Cases Are Likely To Increase In The Future

Dr. Hira Tanveer

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Coronavirus has caused a global panic after things got out of hand in Italy and Iran. Whilst it was initially somewhat contained to China, however, it later spread at an unprecedented rate in these two countries, and then, to the world. World Health Organization, therefore declared it to be a pandemic that needed a global response. However, despite the precautions, hundreds of cases have been reported in most countries already.

The biggest reason for the exponential growth perhaps is its highly contagious nature.  Moreover, it has a relatively long incubation period. The symptoms of coronavirus manifest in anywhere from 2 to 14 days. Therefore, apparently it may not seem that the person is carrying the virus, but they might just be. 

The world hence now faces a major challenge, with no solution in sight. The impact of coronavirus has been dire for almost every country in the world. It has overtaxed the health infrastructures and has wreaked havoc on the economy, with diminished prospects of things getting better anytime soon.

In light of these hard-core facts, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel made a very pragmatic statement that;

Two-thirds of the German population will be infected with Coronavirus

After conferring with the experts, Mrs. Merkel took a bold step and announced to the German population the grave news. Her stance was that the virus is going to spread, and people should be prepared for it. 

Most people will get the virus, period!

Already thousands of people in Germany have been reported to suffer from COVID-19, and experts are predicting the impact of coronavirus to be much larger and as much as 10 million more cases in the next 3 months are expected. Since there is no antidote or cure or therapy for the disease, evading the virus might not be possible.

To make matters worse, people don’t develop immunity against it so there is a chance of getting the virus again. Therefore, people need to come to terms with the fact that they will get the coronavirus.

Buying time is more important

Since the virus has gotten out of hand already, hence deluding people into thinking that all will be well in no time is not a practical option. Instead, the policy German government is be operating under is to buy time. And so,the disease will spread surely, but slowly. This will help prevent the health infrastructure from getting overwhelmed as well. 

Other German policies

Mrs. Merkel has so far not made any specific cuts to the budget, saying that the government will take any action necessary for its people. Unlike other European countries, Germany has decided to not close its borders. Chancellor Merkel was clear in her stance that such times call for solidarity and closing borders might not be a very effective methodology. 

Also, the government has banned all large events with more than 1000 people. People living in the areas where coronavirus is more prevalent are asked to quarantine themselves. 

Many people agree Merkel’s blunt style 

Chancellor Merkel has a signature style of being direct and assuring people with logical statements. Therefore, this blunt approach of informing people point-blank the challenges facing them due to the corona outbreak is more responsible. 

Also, when the head of the state confides in people regarding the mammoth of the problem facing them, they act in accordance with it. With infectious diseases, the responsible behavior of the public is of utmost significance. Unless people are made aware of how bleak the situation is, they will not take it seriously, especially as coronavirus involves severe measures like quarantining. 

Moreover, many world leaders like Trump had downplayed coronavirus. Now that the situation has gotten out of hand, it seems like this policy was not the right way to go. Had there been timely action, a lot of damage could have been prevented. 

Criticism of her approach

Whilst some people are lauding Merkel for exhibiting pragmatism and being matter-of-factly about the whole issue, others are not so happy with her statement. Czech prime minister was of the opinion that such remarks can lead to public panicking. Some scientists too are not so sure about the statistics offered by Merkel. 

Many scientists believe that 70% is the worst-case scenario and therefore is not a realistic number. It is more likely that 30-50% of the population will be affected. However, that is still a large chunk of the population getting infected.

It is an issue of epic proportions for everyone!

The impact of coronavirus is not limited to merely health. It has had repercussions for the world economy. Moreover, the effect is expected to get worse with time. Chancellor Merkel also shared her concerns regarding the German economy which is very much dependent on the exports. The German government thus is ready to provide economic relief to its citizens as well. 

Pushing for public action

Coronavirus cannot just be contained with government policies. Public actions are just as necessary to help contain the issue. Angela Merkel also pushed for the public to act responsibly; do not shake hands, rather maintain longer eye contact as the new greeting etiquette, practice personal hygiene, etc. 

Coronavirus has confounded experts from all fields. What emerges from this fiasco is that the global challenges need a global response rather than wasting time analyzing statements. Everyone has to play their part in fighting the pandemic, as governments cannot counter it without effective public action. 

Even though the stats given in this article are relevant to Germany, there is a fair chance that the impact of coronavirus will be the same in Pakistan. It is thus our duty to take precautionary measures as much as we can. Pakistan also needs to see the issue of corona spread head-on, instead of avoiding the inevitable and an approach similar to that of German chancellor Angela Merkel is required.

It is therefore incumbent on everyone to abide by the coronavirus guidelines. If someone is feeling ill and experiencing symptoms of common cold, they should take precautions to rule out coronavirus and get immediate help.

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