The Top 5 Neurologists in Karachi

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Neurology is a branch of medical science that deals with the disorders of the neurons and nervous system. A neurologist deals with the treatment and diagnosis of all types of conditions and diseases of the neurological system. Below are the top 5 neurologists in Karachi based on internet search by users in Karachi.

1- Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Sheikh:

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Sheikh is one of the leading Neurologists in Karachi. He is an MBBS, Diploma in Clinical Neurology, qualified Neurologist with a passion for helping the patients to the maximum level of their potential. He has 18 years of experience in his field. He is currently practising at Taj Consultants Clinics, Karachi.

2- Dr. Wajid Jawaid:

Dr. Wajid Jawaid is one of the best Neurologists in Karachi. He graduated from Dow University of Health Science, Pakistan in 2009. He did his post graduation FCPS (Neurology) from the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) in Pakistan, 2018. He has 5 years of experience. He practices at Remedial Centre Hospital, Hill Park General Hospital (HPGH) and Family Care Hospital, Karachi.

3- Dr. Aijaz Ali:

What makes a good doctor is good communication, empathy and honesty, among other things and these qualities are what makes Dr. Aijaz Ali one of the best neurologists in Karachi. He is an MBBS and FCPS qualified neurosurgeon and has 10 years of experience in his field. He currently practices in OMI Hospital and Medicare Cardiac and General Hospital, Karachi.

4- Dr. Sidra Jazil Faruqi:

Dr. Sidra Jazil Faruqi is one of the leading neurologists practicing in Karachi. She is an MBBS, FCPS, SCE (Neurology) and MRCP qualified neurosurgeon. Her honest and direct approach combined with honesty and optimism is a winning strategy with her patients. She currently practices in BHY Jamiyat Hospital, Dr. Shahnaz Medical Centre, and Hashmanis Hospital (Saddar), Karachi. Click the above link to book a trouble-free appointment with her!

5- Assist. Prof. Dr. Junaid Ahmed Shaikh

Assist. Prof. Dr. Junaid Ahmed Shaikh is one of the finest neurologists in Karachi. He graduated from University of Karachi in 2004. He did his post graduation in Neurology. Currently he is an assistant professor at jinnah hospital karachi. He has 10 years of experience. He practices at Zubaida Medical Centre (ZMC), Karachi.

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