Top 5 Nutritionists In Karachi

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A nutritionist is an expert in the field of food and nutrition who, based on your medical needs or health goals, can make recommendations and prepare personalized dietary plans so you can achieve what you set out, without risking your health.

Nutritionists work in many settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, health departments, and private consultations.

Here are the top five nutritionists in Karachi based on internet research by users in Karachi.

1-Dr. Ayesha Abbas

With 8 years of experiences in the field of nutrition and her achievement of bringing a healthy lifestyle through her debates and media dialogues, Dr. Ayesha Abbas is one of the most well-known nutritionists in Karachi. She holds an  MBBS and MSc (Nutrition) and specialization in Nutrition and Dietitian and is currently the member of PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) and PNDS. She is currently providing her services at Medilink Consultant Clinic and Neuro Care Clinic in Karachi.

2-Ms. Fozia Kazmi

Through the passion that Ms. Fozia Kazmi possesses, she has built her name as one of the best nutritionists in town. During her experience, she has dealt with a wide variety of lifestyles which has given her command over her profession. Her degree of MSc is the cherry on the top. She is currently providing her services at Central Hospital in Karachi.

3-Dr. Kanza Sohail

With her experience as a practicing nutritionist, Dr. Kanza Sohail is providing her services at Darul Sehat hospital in Karachi. Her vast experience, degrees in MSc, specialization in Dietetics and Nutrition, along with her membership at PMDC have earned her a massive amount of respect.

4-Ms. Yousra Shami

Through her specialization in nutrition and dietitian, Ms. Yousra Shami is utilizing her years of experience at OMI hospital in Karachi. She deals with multiple patients and has a good grasp on the knowledge of nutrition. You can book a hassle-free appointment with her through

5-Ms. Itrat Siddique

With MSc and a profound amount of experience in the field of nutrition, Ms. Itrat Siddiqui is on her way to becoming one of the most well-known nutritionists in Pakistan. She has an experience of dealing with a wide range of nutrition-related problems. Currently, she is serving at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi.

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