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What is Mammography?

Mammogram Test/Breast Cancer Test

Mammograms have been used for the past 30 years to take X-ray images of breasts. With the advancement in the procedure and technique it is currently the most reliable procedure to check for breast cancer. It can diagnose breast cancer before any symptoms start to appear. You can book a mammogram or a breast cancer test in Lahore with oladoc by clicking on the book lab test button or by calling our helpline at 0415068104.

When should you get a Mammogram?

Mammogram is a radiological procedure used for diagnosis and screening of breasts. Here are a few situations in which you should get a mammogram done.

  • If you have a history of breast cancer in your family.
  • If you feel a lump, nipple discharge or pain in your breasts.
  • If you are in your 40s or above.

How is a Mammogram performed?

When you reach the radiology centre, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. Then the technician will make you stand in front of an X-ray machine and place your breast on a plastic plate. Another plastic plate will then gently compress your breasts from above. You might feel slight pressure, pain or discomfort at this point. Compression is necessary to even out the thickness of your breasts to reveal all underlying abnormalities. You might be asked to change your position during the procedure, so that images can be taken perfectly. Side-view images will also be taken of the breasts. The same steps will then be repeated to take X-ray images for another breast. Then the technician might ask you to wait so that they can make sure that the images are fine and there is no need for retakes. Each Mammogram is different because all breasts are different. The entire process takes around 30 minutes.

Is mammography painful?

Mammograms don’t take long but they are uncomfortable and painful for most women. The amount of discomfort and pain you will feel is completely dependent on the shape and size of your breasts and how much they need to be compressed. It can be more painful if you are on your period or your date is about to approach.

What are the tips for getting a mammogram?

Here are some tips to make the getting a mammogram a little easier:

  1. Don’t schedule the test while you are on your period or one week prior to it. Because during periods breasts are swollen and tender, which makes the procedure more difficult.
  2. Wear a 2 piece dress, because you will have to undress yourself above your waist.
  3. Don’t wear any deodorant, lotion or talcum powder under your arms or on your breasts because it will appear as white spots on your X-ray images.

How to read the results of a Mammogram?

Only a trained doctor can read the results of a mammogram. You should never ask your radiologist to tell you the results of your mammogram. Because even if they can they are not permitted to do so.They can only read the results to your doctor and then your doctor will explain the results to you. The report doesn't take any longer than a few weeks. If there is some reason for concern you might also get a call from your health care centre a little earlier. Do contact your health care centre if your report doesn’t show up within 30 days.

Are there any risks of a mammogram?

Every radiology procedure has its own risks. These are the risks associated with mammograms:

  1. Even though mammograms are helpful in detecting breast cancer they still pose a risk to cause cancer by exposing you to radiation.
  2. One of the limitations or risks of a mammogram is that it might give a false negative or positive result, which can only be ruled out by doing further procedures such as ultrasounds and biopsies.
  3. If you are pregnant, the radiation from a mammogram can cause birth defects in your baby.

How much does a mammogram cost?

Mammography rates in Lahore can vary from 2000 to 5000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best doctor for Mammography in Gujranwala?

1 best doctors performing Mammography in Gujranwala are:

  • Chughtai Lab, Gujranwala (20% DISCOUNT)

How can I book an appointment with a doctor performing Mammography in Gujranwala?

Click here to book an appointment with top doctors performing Mammography in Gujranwala. Or, you can also call at 0415068104 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of the best doctors performing Mammography in Gujranwala?

The fee for top doctors performing treatment of Mammography in Gujranwala ranges from Rs. 0 to 0. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with doctors performing Mammography in Gujranwala through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.