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Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants (Radiology Lab) Lahore

Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants

Radiology Lab, Pathology Lab

Wait Time 15 - 30 Min
Experience 11 Years
Wait Time 15 - 30 Min
Experience 11 Years

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Doctor's Diagnostic Laboratory and Consultants (DDLC)

574, G-1, Canal Bank, Johar Town, Lahore.




Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants has over 11 years of experience in her field.


About Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants

To make use of best diagnostic testing services and delivering them at doorsteps of patients, doctors and healthcare service providers. To offer the “BEST ADVANCED CARE” through our core values of excellence, reliability, punctuality, novelty, safety, accuracy and sincerity. We work on the philosophy of “PATIENT HEALTH & WELLNESS FIRST”
Services offered at Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants (DDLC)
a. CT Scan
Performed by highly qualified and experienced technologists, under the supervision of senior most Radiologists in Pakistan.
Price: Rs. 6,985 – Rs. 38,280
b. MRI
MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body.
Price: Rs. 1,650 - Rs. 41,745
c. Ultrasound
All types of conventional ultrasounds, Color Doppler, TVS & 4-D USG and ultrasound guided procedures.
Price: Rs. 1,100 – Rs. 7,645
d. X -Ray
X-rays are types of electromagnetic radiation probably most well-known for their ability to see through a person's skin and reveal images of the bones beneath it.
Price: Rs. 1,300 – Rs. 4,180
e. Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT)
An Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), through the use of exercise treadmill/bike testing, can be useful for identifying early signs of coronary artery disease. Although a resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect and demonstrate a number of abnormalities, the presence of a normal resting ECG does not rule out the possibility of significant coronary artery disease.
Price: Rs. 4,950
f. Breast Screening
Breast cancer screening is the medical screening of asymptomatic, apparently healthy women for breast cancer in an attempt to achieve an earlier diagnosis. The assumption is that early detection will improve outcomes.
Price: 3,465
g. Doppler
A Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive test that can be used to estimate the blood flow through your blood vessels by bouncing high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) off circulating red blood cells. A regular ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images, but can't show blood flow.
Price: Rs. 5,555
Some of the Lab Tests performed by Doctors Hospital Laboratory
include: CBC, HBA1C, Cholesterol Test, Blood Sugar Test, Blood Group Test, Blood Culture, Urine Routine, Urine Culture, Kidney Function Test (KFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), Renal Function Test (RFT), Blood Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Electrolyte Profile, Bleeding Time Test, Basic Metabolic Panel Test, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test, Semen Analysis, Semen Culture, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, STD Panel, PSA Test, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid Profile, Pituitary Function Profile, Renal Stone Analysis, ELISA Test and all types of Blood and Urine Tests and Cultures.

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I recommend the doctor
good and friendly doctor and staff. I got all information I thought I had needed and less worrying about my health condition.
Verified Patient
K** *** .
I recommend the doctor
It's an expensive Lab. But sometimes it's not about money. Average experience
Verified Patient
S** ***m .
I recommend the doctor
Excellent staff specially the person named Yousuf helped me alot there
Verified Patient
M** ***m .
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What is the experience of Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants?

Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants has 11 years of experience.

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92% users had a positive experience with Doctors Diagnostic Laboratory & Consultants.

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Doctor's Diagnostic Laboratory and Consultants (DDLC)
Monday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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