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2 Best Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital, Lahore

Dr. Raheel Aziz


M.B.B.S, MRCPsych

15 - 30 Min Wait Time
25 Years Experience
100% (6) Satisfied Satisfied

Dr. Raheel Aziz


M.B.B.S, MRCPsych

15 - 30 Min Wait Time
25 Years Experience
PMC Verified

Dr. Shafqat Huma


M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S

Under 15 Min Wait Time
15 Years Experience
100% (35) Satisfied Satisfied

Dr. Shafqat Huma


M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S

Under 15 Min Wait Time
15 Years Experience
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Who is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists (ماہرامراض نفسیات) are medical doctors who cater exclusively to the mental wellbeing of their patients. They diagnose, treat and manage a wide range of psychiatric illnesses and disorders. They use both therapy and medication to treat their patients.

Moreover, psychiatrists are experts of more severe mental disorders like:

  • Schizophrenia
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression (ڈپریشن)
  • Multiple personality disorder
  • Sleep problems (نیند کی خرابی)

ماہر نفسیات (ماہرامراض نفسیات) میڈیکل ڈاکٹر ہیں جو خصوصی طور پر اپنے مریضوں کی ذہنی تندرستی کو پورا کرتے ہیں۔ وہ دماغی صحت کے بہت سارے مسائل کی تشخیص ، علاج اور ان کا انتظام کرتے ہیں۔ وہ اپنے مریضوں کے علاج کے لئے تھراپی اور دوائی دونوں استعمال کرتے ہیں

اس کے علاوہ ماہر نفسیات دیگر شدید حالتوں جیسے شقاق دماغی، اے ڈی اچ ڈی، دو قطبی عارضہ ، افسردگی (ڈپریشن) ، متعدد شخصیت کی خرابی ، نیند کے مسائل (نیند کی خرابی) جیسے زیادہ شدید ذہنی عوارض کے ماہر ہیں۔ وہ لوگوں کو ان کی لت پر قابو پانے میں بھی مدد کرتے ہیں۔

What Is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of psychiatric illnesses and mental disorders. Medical specialists who are experts in psychiatry are known as psychiatrists.

When should you see a Psychiatrist?

It is important to see a psychiatrist when you or your primary care doctor suspects that you are experiencing some kind of mental problem. People already diagnosed with mental disorders need to visit a psychiatrist regularly, especially in cases where the symptoms are becoming more severe.

Moreover, it is also important to visit a psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital when your mental health is lagging, and you feel overwhelmed by anxiety or stress (پریشانی و گبھراہٹ). Perpetually feeling an intense feeling of sadness and hopelessness is a common symptom of depression and is cause for concern.

If you experience any of the symptoms of depression, consulting the best psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital can be very helpful if not life changing.

A morphed thinking process is also a cause for alarm. Mental health causes people to think negatively of themselves and others, incoherence and lack of focus in the thoughts, and most alarming are the suicidal thoughts. Some patients might also think of hurting others instead.

Mental problems also have physical symptoms. Having too much or too little of energy, getting too little or too much sleep and extreme eating habits are common in patients with mental health problems. Those suffering from anger management (غصہ پر کنٹرول) issues also need intervention from a psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital.

Similarly, some people have performance anxiety that interferes with their intimate relationships (ازدواجی تعلقات), leading to sexual dysfunction. This can be properly and safely treated by a trained mental health specialist.

Children who have problems like autism, ADHD, and other intellectual issues also need to be treated by the best psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital before these problems become lifelong.

Many psychiatrists are also specially trained to deal with young children and can effectively treat children suffering from mental illness or serious trauma.

New mothers also might need to visit the best psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital if they are suffering from postpartum depression. The changing hormone levels, the trauma of birthing, and the responsibilities of motherhood can overwhelm mothers.

If they feel depressed, suffer from mood swings, are unable to connect to the baby, have altered sleep and dietary habits, cry and feel hopeless for more than 2 weeks, then they need the help of a mental health specialist (مینٹل ہیلتھ اسپیشلسٹ).

کسی نفسیاتی ماہر کو دیکھنا ضروری ہے جب آپ یا آپ کے بنیادی نگہداشت کے ڈاکٹر کو شبہ ہو کہ آپ کسی طرح کی ذہنی پریشانی کا سامنا کررہے ہیں۔ پہلے سے ہی ذہنی عارضے کی تشخیص کرنے والے افراد کو نفسیاتی ماہر سے باقاعدگی سے دیکھنے کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے ، خاص طور پر ایسے معاملات میں جب علامات زیادہ شدید ہوتے جارہے ہوں

مزید یہ کہ جب آپ کی ذہنی صحت ناقص ہوتی ، اور آپ پریشانی یا تناؤ سے دوچار ہوجاتے ہیں (پریشانی اور گبھراہٹ) ہے تو آپ کا کسی نفسیاتی ماہر سے ملنا بھی ضروری ہے ۔ ہمیشہ افسردگی اور ناامیدی کا شدید احساس افسردگی کی ایک عام علامت ہے اور یہ تشویش کا باعث ہے۔ اگر آپ کو ذہنی دباؤ کی علامات میں سے کسی کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے تو ،اگرچہ اس سے زندگی کو نہیں بدلا جا سکتا مگر نفسیاتی ماہر کو دیکھ کر بہت مدد مل سکتی ہے

تخیلاتی طور پر سوچنے کا عمل بھی خطرے کی گھنٹی ہے۔ ذہنی صحت لوگوں کو اپنے اور دوسروں کے بارے میں منفی سوچنے کا باعث بنتی ہے ، خیالات میں مطابقت اور توجہ کا فقدان ، اور سب سے زیادہ تشویش ناک خودکشی کے خیالات ہیں۔ کچھ مریض اس کے بجائے دوسروں کو تکلیف دینے کے بارے میں بھی سوچ سکتے ہیں

ذہنی پریشانیوں میں جسمانی علامات بھی ہوتی ہیں۔ دماغی صحت سے متعلق مسائل میں مبتلا مریضوں میں بہت زیادہ یا بہت کم توانائی ، بہت کم یا بہت زیادہ نیند لینا اور کھانے کی انتہائی عادات عام ہیں۔ غصے کے انتظام (غصہ پر کنٹرول) کے معاملات میں مبتلا افراد کو بھی ذہنی صحت کے ماہر سے مداخلت کی ضرورت ہے

اسی طرح ، کچھ لوگوں کی کارکردگی میں اضطراب ہوتا ہے جو ان کے ازدواجی تعلقات میں مداخلت کرتا ہے ، جس سے جنسی بے راہ روی پیدا ہوتی ہے۔ تربیت یافتہ ذہنی صحت کے ماہر کے ذریعہ اس کا مناسب اور محفوظ طریقے سے علاج کیا جاسکتا ہے

جن بچوں کو آٹزم، اے ڈی اچ ڈی، اور دیگر دانشورانہ مسائل جیسے مسائل ہیں ان کو بھی عمر بھر زندہ رہنے سے قبل ذہنی صحت کے ماہر کے ذریعہ علاج کروانے کی ضرورت ہے۔ بہت سارے نفسیات دان خصوصی طور پر چھوٹے بچوں سے نمٹنے کے لئے بھی تربیت یافتہ ہیں اور وہ ذہنی بیماری یا سنگین صدمے میں مبتلا بچوں کا مؤثر طریقے سے علاج کر سکتے ہیں۔

نئی ماؤں کو نفسیاتی ماہر سے بھی ملنے کی ضرورت پڑسکتی ہے اگر وہ نفلی ڈپریشن میں مبتلا ہیں۔ ہارمون کی بدلتی سطح ، زچگی کی وجہ سے آنے والی تبدیلیاں اور زچگی کی ذمہ داریاں ماؤں کو مغلوب کرسکتی ہیں۔ اگر وہ افسردہ محسوس کرتے ہیں ،بار بار موڈ کےبدلنے میں مبتلا ہیں ، بچے سے رابطہ قائم کرنے سے قاصر ہیں ، نیند اور غذائی عادات میں ردوبدل کر رہے ہیں ، 2 ہفتوں سے زیادہ وقت تک رونے اور ناامید محسوس کرتے ہیں ، تو انہیں ذہنی صحت کے ماہر کی مدد کی ضرورت ہے

How to book an appointment with the best female Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital

In order to find the best female psychiatrist near you, all you have to do is click the gender filter at the top of the page and select female. You can also filter the doctor list by area, availability, and experience.

What are a Psychiatrist’s main areas of concern?

Psychiatrists (ماہرامراض نفسیات) are responsible for helping patients manage their mental health and understand its impact on their body. Unlike psychologists, they can prescribe drugs to fix any chemical imbalances in the brain.

Commonly used psychiatric medication includes antidepressants, antipsychotics, stimulants, sedatives, mood stabilizers etc.

Since these drugs have an impact on the patient’s overall health, psychiatrists (ماہر نفسیات ) ensure that they don’t have any contraindications for the patients and are safe to take. The prescription process can sometimes be hit and trial as the doctor does not know which drug and dosage the patient will respond well to.

Psychiatrists also perform different therapies on the patients. For example, those who suffer from seasonal depression are often treated using light therapy, a form of psychiatric treatment.

Electroconvulsive therapy is reserved for patients suffering extreme depression that does not respond to other treatments. It involves giving electrical current to the brain. On the other hand, another treatment technique, psychotherapy, entails talking to the patients, similar to counselling.

What are the most common mental health issues in Pakistan?

Mental health problems are a growing concern in Pakistan. Pakistani people regularly visit a psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital to get treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders.

According to a study, the most common mental health problems in Pakistan are:

Mental Illness Percentage of Population
Depression 6%
Epilepsy 2%
Schizophrenia 1.5%
Alzheimer’s disease 1%

How to become a Psychiatrist in Pakistan?

In order to become a psychiatrist in Pakistan (ذہنی صحت کے ماہر), you must first complete an M.B.B.S as well as a one year house job. After this, you must pass the first FCPS exam in order to get accredited from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Once that is cleared, training in psychiatry is required. Upon successful completion of training and passing the required exams you will be a fully accredited psychiatrist and can practice psychiatry all over the country.

پاکستان میں نفسیاتی ماہر (ماہرامراض نفسیات) بننے کے لئے آپ کو پہلے ایم بی بی ایس کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک سال کی گھریلو ملازمت بھی پوری کرنی ہوگی۔ اس کے بعد آپ کو کالج آف فزیشنز اور سرجنز پاکستان سے منظوری حاصل کرنے کے لئے پہلے ایف سی پی ایس امتحان پاس کرنا ہوگا۔ اس کے پاس ہوجانے کے بعد ، نفسیات کی تربیت ضروری ہے۔ تربیت کی کامیابی کی تکمیل اور مطلوبہ امتحانات میں کامیابی کے بعد ، آپ ایک مکمل طور پر منظور شدہ نفسیاتی ماہر ہوں گے ، اور پورے ملک میں نفسیات کی مشق کرسکتے ہیں۔

What kinds of Psychiatrists are there?

Psychiatry is a broad field that has many sub specialties. The best psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital may therefore specialize in:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Experts of this field help diagnose, treat and manage thinking and behavioral issues in children. They are specially trained to deal with disorders affecting children like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorders, delinquency, learning disabilities etc.
  • Forensic Psychiatry: This specialty deals with the treatment of prisoners and patients locked up in secure hospitals. They also address the mental issues plaguing the community at large, and therefore have close ties with the legal system as well.
  • Geriatric Psychiatry: Specialist psychiatrists that diagnose, treat, prevent and manage the mental health issues present in the older population.
  • Perinatal Psychiatry: This category deals with the mental health of pregnant women and follows their progress through their first year with the baby.
  • Neuropsychiatry: Brain and mental diseases share a common terrain, and neuropsychiatrist is a compromise between neurology and psychiatry.
  • Young Adult Psychiatry: Dealing with people aged 18-29 and the problems they face due to the transitions they undergo in their lives lead, young adult specialist exclusively cater to the many mental health issues in young people.

What are Psychiatrists called in Pakistan

Psychiatrists in Pakistan are commonly referred to as:

  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Mahir-e-imraz-e- nafsiyat
  • ماہر نفسیات
  • ذہنی صحت کے ماہر
  • مینٹل ہیلتھ اسپیشلسٹ
  • ذہنی امراض کے ماہر
  • ماہرامراض نفسیات

How can I find and book an appointment with a psychiatrist near me?

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To do that, click or tap the "Near me" filter at the top of the page. A list of the best psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital near you will show up. Choose any psychiatrist from the list and click or tap the "Book Appointment" button to confirm your appointment.

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Dr. Nadeem Akhtar

Authored by: Dr. Hira Tanveer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore?

2 best Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore are:

  • Dr. Shafqat Huma
  • Dr. Raheel Aziz

Who are the most experienced Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore?

2 most experienced Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore are:

  • Dr. Raheel Aziz
  • Dr. Shafqat Huma

How can I book an appointment with a Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore?

Click here to book an appointment with a top Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore. Or, you can also call at 04238900939 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of the best Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore?

The fee for the top Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore ranges from Rs. 3,000 to 5,000. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Psychiatrist in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.

What does a Psychiatrist do?

A psychiatrist helps patients that are suffering from mental problems. As mental health has physical impacts on the patient, psychiatrists take account of both physical and mental symptoms to diagnose the illness that their patients are suffering from.

In this endeavor, they keep track of the patient’s family history, physical symptoms and mental condition by using a number of different tests and examinations. They then do the mental status examination for the completing the clinical assessment of the patient which also involves using psychological tests to diagnose the underlying problem.

They are also responsible for devising a treatment plan for the patient. Unlike other physical ailments, mental problems do not have fixed treatment plans as each patient responds differently to different treatments. Hence, psychiatrists offer highly customised and specific treatments for each and every one of their patients.

Moreover, most of the mental health problems are chronic and patients need a robust treatment plan for life. Psychiatrists are hence not just the wellbeing of their patients in the present, but also act with foresight to preserve their future as well.

Psychiatrists use psychotherapy to treat their patients, but some might require a more intensive treatment plan. In such cases, they make use of medicine and brain stimulation therapies to help with disease management.

How do I choose a Psychiatrist?

Finding a good doctor is vital for proper diagnosis & treatment of your underlying concern. Before you make the decision of picking out a Psychiatrist, consider the following:

  • Make sure they are experienced
  • Make sure your doctor has good reviews.
  • Make sure they offer the services you are looking for
  • Verify, if they are certified from PMDC or have any other professional memberships
  • Check if they are affiliated with a hospital you trust

Which Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore charge the lowest fee?

2 Psychiatrists in Saleem Memorial Hospital Lahore which charge the lowest fee are:

  • Dr. Shafqat Huma
  • Dr. Raheel Aziz