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3 Best Plastic Surgeons in Quetta

Also known as Cosmetic Surgeon , پلاسٹک سرجن

Dr. Habibullah Khajak

Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon

MBBS, MS (khi)

11 Years Experience

Dr. Habibullah Khajak

Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon

MBBS, MS (khi)

11 Years Experience

Dr. Syed Fariduddin

Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon


6 Years Experience

Dr. Syed Fariduddin

Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon


6 Years Experience

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamal Uddin Khan

Cosmetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist

MBBS, FCPS (Derma)

5 Years Experience

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamal Uddin Khan

Cosmetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist

MBBS, FCPS (Derma)

5 Years Experience
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Who is a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) are trained healthcare providers who specialize in correcting disfigurement, scarring, birth defects, trauma care, tissue transfer, or treating diseases such as melanomas.

The goal behind plastic surgery procedures is to improve the appearance or disfigurement following traumatic events, birth defects, or illnesses, or to improve and restore function by correction of a disfigurement that is hampering the normal functioning.

When should you see a plastic surgeon?

If you are concerned about enhancing a certain feature of your body or face, a cosmetic surgeon (کاسمیٹک سرجن), is the one you need to go to. Cosmetic surgery is done on otherwise normal structures of the body, focusing on improving its appearance. The techniques of plastic surgery involving deep structures have been adapted by this branch of surgery for the enhancement of appearance.

However, plastic surgery specialists are for people who need repair of congenital defects like cleft lip, cleft palate, birth defects of eyelids, deformed ears, birthmarks, skin cancers, burn scars, change in appearance or functionality due to trauma, cancers, accidents involving hands and reconstruction. These surgeries are focused on improving the functionality of the body, but can also involve some change in appearance.

What are the main areas of concern of a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) are trained to improve the functioning and restoring of appearance following an accident or disease. The main areas of concern of a plastic surgeon can include the craniofacial region, breast, scar tissue, burn tissue, general reconstruction, and hand surgeries.

Craniofacial surgeries are focused on the head and neck region, mostly involving the repair of facial deformities, birth defects, cleft palates, missing nose or ears, and jaw regions. These surgeries are often performed on young children so they can have a more normal life. The craniofacial region can also be affected following tumors of the face or head, requiring extensive resection. Following the removal of the tumor, plastic surgeons can work to restore the face as close to normal as possible.

Similarly, breast surgeries like mastectomy—removal of breast tissue in cases of certain cancers, or partial mastectomy—taking out only a part of the breast require reconstruction thereafter, which is performed by plastic surgeons. The aim of the surgery is to restore the appearance as close to normal as possible. Chest wall defects can also be corrected by plastic surgeons.

Hand surgery is needed following accidents involving sharp tools, or road traffic accidents. Plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) work on reconstruction and repair not only of the external surface but also of the muscles and tendons involved, so the hand can become functional again. This type of fine surgery is lengthy and requires extensive work. The specialists also deal with reconstructive hand surgery for degenerative diseases of the hands.

Plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) also work on repairing scars, especially after road traffic accidents and burns. Scar tissue can hamper functioning and complete mobility, especially when it involves the limbs. Plastic surgeons not only improve the appearance of scars but can also work on improving the mobility and functioning of the limbs.

Plastic surgeons work on reconstruction following malignant skin conditions as well, including venous ulcers, pressure sores, and skin cancer. Plastic surgeons work on reconstruction mostly in collaboration with other disciplines including maxillofacial surgeons and ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialists.

What are the most common disorders in Pakistan?

Many government and private facilities offer plastic surgery procedures for repair & reconstruction. In Pakistan, the most common disorders requiring the services of a plastic surgeon (پلاسٹک سرجن) include repair of congenital abnormalities like cleft palate and cleft lip. Additionally, repairing the following burns is also quite common in our region.

Following road traffic accidents, it falls on the plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) the repair of facial fractures as well as the soft tissue injuries that can cause disfigurement. Microvascular surgeries, especially on the hands are also being done by plastic surgeons. Repair of brachial plexus following birth trauma or falls is surgically dealt with by a plastic surgeon.

How to become a plastic surgeon in Pakistan?

A plastic surgeon (پلاسٹک سرجن) completes their basic medicine and surgery training for five years, followed by a year of internship or house job in the required four specialties. This is followed by four years of residency training, including rotations in general surgery. Thereafter, they may obtain specialty training in a fellowship program if they wish. Continual practice and medical education credits are important for this specialty.

What kinds of plastic surgeons are there?

Plastic surgeons can obtain specialty training in certain types of surgeries. These include:

  • Breast surgeons: plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) can specialize in breast surgeries, working to reconstruct them following mastectomy, tissue removal for treating cancers, reducing them in size or enhancing their size.
  • Craniofacial surgeons: focus on the head, neck and skull area. Such experts deal with congenital abnormalities, surgeries of the ears, nose, palate and other parts of the mouth.
  • Burn surgeons: are specialists who work on repair following extensive scarring and burns. They work with burn units and deal with the early and late complications of burns.

What are plastic surgeons called in Pakistan?

  • Plastic surgeons
  • Cosmetic surgeon
  • پلاسٹک سرجن
  • کاسمیٹک سرجن

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Dr. Omamah Yusuf

Authored by: Dr. Hira Tanveer

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon in Quetta?

Click here to book an appointment with a top Plastic Surgeon in Quetta. Or, you can also call at 02138140600 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of the best Plastic Surgeons in Quetta?

The fee for the top Plastic Surgeons in Quetta is 700. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon in Quetta through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.

What does a Plastic Surgeon do?

Plastic surgeons (پلاسٹک سرجن) are proficient in basic surgical skills and specialize in reconstruction and repair of any part of the body. They have extensive training in improving the appearance as well as the functioning of the affected body parts.

People think that most plastic surgeons are involved only in aesthetic procedures like nose jobs etc., however, that is not true. While plastic surgery is involved in being ‘corrective’ in nature, it is in fact, cosmetic surgery that is used for enhancement procedures. In 1999, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons changed their name to the ‘American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ so as to emphasize that plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature.

Many plastic surgeons complete additional training to perform cosmetic surgery as well. Cosmetic surgery is performed not only by plastic surgeons, but also ENT specialists, dermatologists, and maxillofacial surgeons. There are over 300 cosmetic procedures for which there is separate training. These include tummy tucks, facial surgeries, liposuction, breast surgery, rhinoplasty, facelifts, blepharoplasty, body contouring, and other enhancement procedures.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is focused on repair mostly. Surgeons are trained in reconstruction procedures, trauma surgeries, hand surgeries, and repair of congenital disorders. Some of the procedures performed by plastic surgeons include breast reconstruction, jaw straightening, correction of genetic problems, lower limb reconstruction, burn repair, and scar revision.

Which hospital is the best for Plastic Surgeon in Quetta?

Top 3 Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Quetta are:

  • Sajid Hospital
  • Jelani Hospital
  • Cosmetico Clinic

How do I choose a Plastic Surgeon?

Finding a good doctor is vital for proper diagnosis & treatment of your underlying concern. Before you make the decision of picking out a Plastic Surgeon, consider the following:

  • Make sure they are experienced
  • Make sure your doctor has good reviews.
  • Make sure they offer the services you are looking for
  • Verify, if they are certified from PMDC or have any other professional memberships
  • Check if they are affiliated with a hospital you trust

Who are the best Plastic Surgeon near me in Quetta?

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Which Plastic Surgeons in Quetta are online now?

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