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What is CT Scan?

CT Scan

Computerised Tomography is a scan that uses rotating X-ray equipment along with computers to create cross-sectional images of various parts of the body. What makes CT scans different from normal x-rays is their ability to provide detailed information. A CT scan is capable of showing blood vessels, soft tissues and bones in different parts of the body. This painless procedure doesn’t take long and can be done on various parts of the body in males and females alike. You can book a CT scan in Toba Tek Singh with oladoc by clicking on the book lab test button or by calling our helpline at 0415068065.

Why is a CT scan performed?

A CT scan is an upgraded version of a regular X-ray. And it is done when an X-Ray fails to give clear information on the condition of your blood vessels, bones or organs. It is performed to evaluate problems that exist within your body. The list of these problems is as follows:

  • Bone fractures
  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Heart diseases
  • Emphysema
  • Liver masses
  • Blood clots
  • Internal infections
  • Internal injuries and bleeding
  • Excess fluid
A CT scan is also performed to help doctors choose treatment plans like biopsies, radiation therapies and surgeries. A CT scan is also done to evaluate if a treatment is working for the patient or not.

What are the kinds of CT scan:

Several common kinds of CT scans are as follows:

  1. Abdominal CT scan
  2. CT scan Arthrography
  3. CT scan Angiography
  4. CT scan Neck
  5. CT scan pelvic
  6. CT scan brain
  7. CT scan chest
  8. CT scan bones

How does a CT scan work?

Computerised Tomography is basically a two dimensional scan. To perform this scan the technician uses narrow x-ray beams to circle around any part of your body, which then provides a number of images from different angles.Then a computer uses this information to create cross-sectional images to show a layer of the inside of your body. The process is repeated several times to create multiple layers of images. These images are then stacked one after another to prepare a detailed image of your organs, blood vessels and bones.

How is a CT scan performed?

The patient is asked to remove any metallic objects including jewellery, cellphones, glasses etc and change into a hospital gown. A special dye is then given orally or injected to the patient to make sure all internal structures show up clearly on the images. Then the patient is asked to lie on a sliding table that slides in the scanner. After they are slowly slid inside, the X-ray machine starts rotating around them to take different images of thin slices of body. Buzzing, whirring and clicking sounds can be heard by the patient during the procedure and they are nothing to be worried about. The table keeps on moving at a pace of a few millimetres until the exam is over. The patient is supposed to lie very still because even slight movements can cause blurry images. For children doctors suggest sedatives to perform the scan effectively. The entire procedure takes around 20 to 90 minutes and most patients go back home the same day.

How can you read the results of a CT scan?

Typically a radiologist interprets the results of a CT scan and reads them to your doctor who then explains them to you. It is beyond a normal person’s capacity to read results from a CT scan.

Are there any risk factors of a CT scan?

Following are the risk factors associated with a CT scan: Risk of cancer: Even though CT scans use more radiation than normal X-rays, the chances of cancer caused by radiation is very low if you get it done only once. The risk of cancer only comes if you get X-rays and CT scans multiple times. Reaction to contrast material: Contrast material is mandatory for a CT scan. Some people react to it but this is rare. If you’ve had a reaction from contrast materials in the past, then you should notify your doctor so that they can prescribe allergy medication or steroids to prevent it from happening again. Pregnancy: A CT scan is least likely to harm your baby but you should still discuss it with your doctor, and opt for some other procedure to any persisting risks.

What is the CT scan price?

The CT scan test price in Toba Tek Singh varies from Rs.7,000 to Rs.45,000 with or without contrast. It also depends upon the part of the body that is being examined.

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