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Allergy Medicine

Asked for Male, 2 years

My son 2 year old is having allergy with something we don't know yet. Dr. assume it could be heat allergy. He has prescribed avil syrup three times a day, Antial once a day & Calamine lotion My query is we can't find avil syrup at the pharmacy. Is there any alternative I can give him I have rigix syrup at home can I use it instead if yes then how many times a day?

Responses (1)
Dr. Beenish Ehsan
Family Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

Yes you can give syrup rigix or zyrtec. It would be given one TSP once a day at night.

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Dr.Shahid Aslam
Pediatrician, Neonatologist
Maj (R) Dr.Suneel Rajput

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