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Loss of Appetite

Asked for Female, 18 years

I am 18 years old. I don't eat breakfast and come home around 4 pm. Still, I don't feel like eating. I don't have any appetite and feel nausea after a meal. Sometimes I feel like vomiting also. What should I do?

Responses (1)
General Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

Kindly normalize your routine. The longer you don't eat the less hungry you will feel, it's normal. Start with a glass of fresh lemonade and toast with butter and jam for breakfast if you don't want to eat anything heavy. Eat some home-made fries/apple/cucumber or a box of yogurt for lunch in the school of you can't prepare a healthy sandwich or don't wanna eat from the canteen. Eat with smaller more frequent meals. Take 1 TBSP syrup lysovit daily.

You can choose from a detailed list of Doctors treating this condition from the following link:

You can seek further professional help from the below recommended Specialists:

Internal Medicine
Diabetologist, Hypertension Specialist, Internal Medicine
Cardiologist, Internal Medicine
Pulmonologist, Sleep Medicine Doctor, Critical Care Physician, Internal Medicine

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