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Uterine fibroids

Asked for Female, 32 years

I want to know about uterine fibroids. Like what is the reason for its growth. If someone was diagnosed with it in 2nd pregnancy not in first pregnancy or ever earlier then it will shrink on its own after delivery? Size of the 2 fibroids is less than 1cm both of them. No abdominal pain, cramping no disturbance at all.

Responses (1)
Dr. Beenish Ehsan
Family Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

The uterus is a very very soft muscle. When it becomes hardened like biceps for example, then it's described as fibroids. This means it's not as soft in those parts as before, it could increase or stay the same.
It usually happens after uterus has been scarred but can happen otherwise too.

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Dr.Sadia Ahmad
Dr.Naira Siddiqi
Obstetrician, Gynecologist

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