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6 Best Ways You Can Beat The Bullies At Your Workplace

Ms. Fariha Naz

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Workplace bullying is gaining momentum everyday. It can be defined as an inappropriate form of aggression, use of power and unfair singling out of someone.

There is no purpose to bullying other than demeaning and humiliating people, thus stripping away their confidence. Workplace bullying can follow up with ridiculing and slandering and start a trend of workplace mobbing.

Psychologists say that adult bullying, just like children’s bullying can lead to long term mental health impact—such as stress-related health problems. According to Workplace Bullying Institute, bullies intimidate and discredit people they see as a threat.

The victims are not loners or incompetent, rather, they are skilled people in the group that refuse to be subservient. They are also ethical and honest people, who may have different values.

Bullies feel that their career thrives by discrediting other people. This is likely because workers turn to the more skilled co-worker for guidance and learning, and this is not tolerable for the bullies. So how to go on about tackling this behaviour, read on to find out:

1-Identify the behaviour:

Some bullies are obvious, while others act courteous and reasonable on the surface. There is often no ‘misunderstanding’ or ‘failure to communicate’ when it comes to bullying behaviour. It is best to identify early on how bullies operate, and only then can you manage to combat their strategy.

2-Step up your work:

Bullies often find loopholes in your work; thus it’s best to step up your work game, so they find no reason to complain about your performance. Some people think that stepping out of the limelight or pulling back will ‘show the employer’, but this type of thinking will only give credit to the bully that you are not up to par.

3-Learn to speak up for yourself:

As mentioned before, some bullies are loud and obvious. They may slam doors, shout and get aggressive. It is best to not pay any heed to their ‘tantrums’ and speak up in the face of their hostility. Politely telling them to ‘stop shouting’ or ‘one thing at a time’ can help them show that you are not affected by their loudness.

4-Learn about your legal rights:

If you fear retaliation, you are likely to not take action. Victims often have rights they are not aware of. Check with your Labour Standards, and free legal clinics to find out if you can register a complaint and not fear retaliation—like a poor reference and employment benefits.

5-Give back to a worthy cause:

If you are mentally besieged at work by bullying, then one way to improve self-worth and mental well-being is to help other people and volunteering for worthy causes. You can help a friend with a challenging project, donate to a good charity, or help someone out to offset the negative energy in your life.

6-Lean on your support system:

A good support system—family, friends, and even a good therapist—can help you deal better. It is natural to isolate yourself and retreat when faced with bullying, however, from a psychological point of view, bringing your loved ones closer, and sharing with them is better for mental health.

If you are someone dealing with constant workplace bullying, then seeking professional help can help you combat it in a better way.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Ms. Fariha Naz
Ms. Fariha Naz - Author Dr. Fariha Naz is among the Best Psychiatrists in Lahore. Dr. Fariha Naz is a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Diabetes Counsellor, Counselor and Addiction Specialist. She has a MS (Clinical & Counseling Psychology), Psyche D From Argosy University, Clinical Psychology and Counselling from Beacon House National University and Addiction specialisation from Boston University degree along with an experience of 5 years. She is also a member of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

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