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Flushed Out: The Importance Of Dental Cleanings

Dr. Furqan Mahmood

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Most people might consider it a waste of time and money; after all, who needs to wait at a dentist’s when you’re already brushing twice a day and eating teeth-healthy foods? While good personal hygiene is a step in the right direction, it makes up for only half of your oral hygiene regime. The other half includes regular dental cleanings. Read on to see how professional cleanings can benefit your oral and overall health:

1- Tartar and Plaque Removal:

Despite your best efforts, there is only so much that regular brushing and flossing can accomplish in the way of removing food particles from your mouth. While eating, some particles find their way below the hard-to-reach gum line and are then covered by bacteria to form soft deposits known as ‘plaque’.

Over time, this unremoved plaque absorbs calcium from the tooth enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) and hardens into ‘tartar’ or ‘calculus’, which is near-impossible to remove via hand and can only be removed through hand-scaling (a procedure utilizing specialized tools) or ultrasound instruments. If left unattended for long, these hard deposits can result in gingivitis and periodontists; oral conditions that cause gum inflammation and bleeding, and eventually, tooth loss.

2- A Whiter Smile:

Tartar can also negatively affect the appearance of your teeth by staining them, hence lowering your confidence. Professional cleanings can not only remove tartar induced stains but can also remove other stains and polishes over the teeth-without the prolonged sensitivity and pain associated with over the counter whitening products.

3- Prevents Bad Breath:

Also known as Halitosis, it is the result of uncleaned food particles, bacteria, and saliva mixing together over long periods of time. Moreover, chronic (long-term) bad breath is often an early signal of conditions like dry mouth, gum disease (a major cause of bone and tooth loss in adults), diabetes, acid reflex, and liver or kidney issues, which can be detected during a comprehensive cleaning.

4- Helps Detect Oral Cancer:

Symptoms of this disease include unhealing wounds and white or red spots in the mouth, which are checked for during a professional cleaning, making regular cleanups imperative; particularly for smokers, who are at an increased risk of oral cancer.

5- Detecting Bad Bites:

People who follow a strict oral hygiene schedule, yet still have chewing and speech issues, along with headaches, and muscular pain in the mouth might be victims of a bad bite; an easily treatable misalignment of teeth and jaws, which, like oral cancer, is visually checked for prior to a cleaning.

Moreover, regular cleanings can also help your dentist identify and treat damaged teeth, fillings or caps, as well as detect early signs of a cavity; saving you money, time, and pain associated with late detection and the resultant prolonged treatment.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleanup?:

While ideally recommended at 6 months, i.e. twice a year for healthy individuals in their 20s-30s who practice good oral hygiene; smokers, and people suffering from chronic dental problems, as well as sugary food consumers should have detailed dental cleanings every 3 months; to make up for their increased risk of tooth loss and developing other oral and general health conditions.

Is It Painful?

The immune system identifies and responds to the accumulated tartar and plaque as a threat by sending antibodies which, during their cleanup action, can damage the surrounding gums and teeth, resulting in increased sensitivity and pain. This pain is magnified by invasive cleaning procedures such as scraping and scaling, as the buildups are solidified and difficult to remove. However, regular appointments mean fewer buildups to clean, and hence, little to no pain.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

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