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How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin: Q And A With Ms. Sarah Farooqi

Ms. Sarah Farooqi

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Sure, your diet keeps your body slim and healthy, but its impact doesn’t stop there. The food you eat—from wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish—may matter to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline. Read on if you want to find out how to get healthy, glowing skin.

Ms. Sarah Farooqi is an experienced diet specialist and nutritionist in Lahore. She did her bachelors in nutrition from Kinnaird and is currently working as a nutritionist in shapes.

In her session with oladoc, she touched on important subjects like healthy food and how to develop a healthy lifestyle for glowing skin and overall health.

Q.1. What is the importance of nutrition?

Well, the reason nutrition is important is because you are what you eat. If you eat healthily, you become healthy. On the flip side, if you consume unhealthy junk food, your metabolism slows down. In addition, your immunity gets adversely affected and you fall sick often.

Q.2. Please tell us the importance of diet for healthy-looking skin?

All that you eat does show up on your skin. If you eat more junk foods, processed or sugary foods, acne will start to appear on your skin. In addition, you will gain as well. On the other hand, if your intake is mostly comprised of healthy foods, fruits vegetable, good fats and a sufficient amount of water, your skin will be glowing and radiant.

Q.3. Please explain why water is important for skin health?

Well, water is very important for your skin. If your body is hydrated enough, your skin will glow. You see, water helps in digestion, absorption and excretion of toxic wastes. If your water intake is low, acne will appear on the face since there isn’t enough water in your body to eliminate the toxins.

Q.4. Which foods should you eat for fresh and radiant skin?

Organic food is healthy for your skin. There are some that I would like to tell about. Fish, for example, has omega-3-fatty acids that improve skin health. Fish also anti-inflammatory properties that counter redness and skin inflammation.

Another food I would like to mention are sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are important in keeping the skin hydrated, moisturising. In addition, it also has some anti-ageing benefits.

Moreover, It’s also very important to load up on fruits and vegetable for healthier-looking skin. They are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Carrots, mangoes, plums, kale and spinach have carotenoids that are natural sun blockers that prevent the skin from environmental damage.

Q.5. Apart from diet, what are your top tips for getting a healthy skin?

Well, apart from diet, it’s also important to exercise or t indulge in any physical activity. The more frequently you work out, the better your circulation will be which will impart oxygen to your skin cells. 

Secondly, its really important to moisturise your skin and drink sufficient amount of water.

Watch the full video to learn more about some healthy, glowing tips! If you want to get your skin on track with a healthier diet, consult a nutritionist.
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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Ms. Sarah Farooqi - Author Sarah Farooqi is a leading Dietician at Shapes and Founder at Better You. She has worked as a Nutritionist at Fatima Memorial Hospital and Sheikh Zaid Hospital. She can be seen sharing her expertise in Shapes Newsletter and at seminars on various health and nutrition topics.
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