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Imaging technologies are used vastly in the field of diagnostics. One such technique is ultrasound. Essentially, ultrasound uses sound waves to produce the images of inside the body. This helps doctors study any anomaly present and report any abnormal condition within the body. It is extensively used to check pregnant women; to detect any anomaly in the fetus or womb, to check the gender of the baby, monitor its growth etc. 

Hence, ultrasound is a very important process that ought to be done by qualified personnel only. Since the quality of the image is important, laboratories that use the best machines should be consulted only. Below are the top 5 ultrasound labs in Islamabad that can be approached for the procedure: 

Capital Diagnostic Center

One of Islamabad’s well-reputed diagnostic centers, CDC offers a range of pathology and radiology services. With 6 years of experience under its belt, the center has a wide array of imaging facilities at its disposal, ultrasound being one of them.

Not only the technology used by the center is top-notch, but the staff is extremely competent as well. Onboard are some of the very qualified doctors like professors and assistant professors. Therefore, the Capital Diagnostic center assures the accuracy of the testing to its patients. 

Furthermore, it offers a variety of ultrasounds; color doppler, 3D and 4D ultrasound, TVS and anomaly scan, ultrasound-based biopsy, cranial ultrasound and ultrasound of bones and joints. Moreover, its staff guarantees safety and care for its patients; they ask patients to book an appointment with them prior to the visit. This way the staff can inform patient of any pre-procedure protocols, thereby making it one of the best ultrasound labs in Islamabad. 

Islamabad Diagnostic Center

Functioning since 2004, Islamabad Diagnostic Center is amongst the top radiology labs of Islamabad. Having 50 branches in 10 cities in Pakistan, IDC is fluent in accurate reporting and patient care. Moreover, it has collected accolades from abroad as well; it received the best enterprise award from the European Business Assembly. 

IDC strictly adheres to international guidelines to ensure maximum accuracy. Its services can be availed 24/7, 365. The reporting of the results is done as quickly as possible, ensuring patient ease. Moreover, it continuously upgrades its technology to keep up with the advancements in radiology. Only recently the center introduced Logic Voluson Signature series s6 and s7 that produce very high-resolution images.  

Moreover, IDC offers a range of ultrasound services. It offers not only those ultrasounds that require no preparation like renal, carotid, thyroid ultrasounds, but those that require preparation like fetal, pelvic and prostate ultrasounds. These make it very convenient for patients who can come prepared accordingly then. 

Islamabad diagnostic center also has consultant doctors on its team, ensuring patient satisfaction. Also, with added services like SMS alerts, online reporting, etc. IDC makes it very convenient for patient to collect their records. Hence, IDC is one of the credible ultrasound centers in Islamabad. 

Advanced Diagnostic Center 

A very well rated center, Advanced Diagnostic Center prioritizes patient experience above everything. Therefore, they take steps to ensure patient comfort. Moreover, their agenda is providing results as quickly as possible, thereby facilitating the patient. This does not mean however that there is any compromise on the quality of testing. 

ADC thus uses the best technology available. Furthermore, they have a qualified and professional staff. Hence, Advanced Diagnostic Center takes a step to confirm the correctness of the result, which is extremely important in the process of diagnosis. The center offers a variety of ultrasounds like TVS, doppler etc. Suffice to say, ADC has excellent ultrasound staff and technology, making is one of the best ultrasound labs in Islamabad. 

Agha Khan University Hospital Laboratory 

AKUH was founded in 1985 and has been dispensing excellent health care facilities ever since. With a huge network all over the country, Agha Khan University Hospital has one of the best ultrasound labs in Islamabad. Moreover, AKUH laboratories are certified by the American College of Pathologists. 

Agha Khan University Hospital laboratories have extensive ultrasound services available. Alongside the usual ultrasounds, they have color doppler, TVs, and 4D USG. They also have ultrasound-guided procedures available. Therefore, AKUH labs should certainly be consulted for getting an ultrasound in Islamabad. 

Capital International Hospital Laboratory 

A lab that focuses on patient well-being, CIHL is certainly one of the best ultrasound labs in Islamabad. It continuously monitors its services for quality control, thereby enhancing the patient experience. Furthermore, Capital International Hospital Laboratory’s services are available at competitive rates. 

CIHL offers a comprehensive set of ultrasound services. It offers; pelvic, breast, abdomen, testis, cranial, and chest ultrasound along with anomaly scan, ultrasound USG, and KUB. Consultants are also a part of the CIH lab team. Therefore, CIHL is a trustworthy place to get ultrasound from. 

Ultrasounds are extremely important for diagnosis. The quality of the procedure depends on the radiologist and the machinery used, both. Hence, only labs are credible should be consulted. 

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Dr. Hira Tanveer Dr. Hira Tanveer is an MBBS doctor and currently serving at CMH Lahore. Writing is her favorite hobby as she loves to share professional advice on trendy healthcare issues, general well-being, a healthy diet, and lifestyle.