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Dr. Tabish Hazer (Child Specialist) Islamabad
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Dr. Tabish Hazer


Child Specialist

Ibn-e-Sina Road, Islamabad
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A brief intro to Child Specialists

Pediatricians are commonly referred to as Child Specialists. Pediatricians are specialist doctors who focus in examining and treating general diseases and disorders in children. Parents need to regularly visit a Pediatrician from the time of a child’s birth till the child is seven years old. Pediatricians examine children’s growth trends and give vaccinations according to schedule. Vaccinations/Immunization is an important aspect of Child Specialist’s duties, which helps ensure that they children are safeguarded from dangerous ailments. Are you finding a Child Specialist or a Pediatrician? is the right site to find the best doctors in Lahore, book a quick appointment with specialist doctors. Below is a list of Certified, top Pediatricians / Child Specialists.