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 Citilab - Nazimabad (Radiology Lab) Karachi
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Citilab - Nazimabad

Radiology Lab

Citilab - Nazimabad

Radiology Lab

CT Scan
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30 Years Experience
Nazimabad, Karachi
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Available today, tomorrow

Practice locations

Citilab Diagnostic Centre (Nazimabad)

III-C 11/1, Nazimabad # 7, Adjacent to MIdway Hospital, Karachi

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  • MRI
  • CT Scan

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  • Radiology Lab

About Citilab - Nazimabad

About 30 years back, it was year of 1987, when a group of pathologists feel that physicians of Karachi and surroundings are facing some real trouble to diagnose the disease which results a delayed recovery of patient. In those days to know the reason for sickness for not as easy as it is today! Physician need accurate, and fast diagnostic services to cure the patient early to reduce the expenses and risk of use of drugs for a longer period. This thought make them to decide to start a stat of art diagnostic services and the setup started was “Citilab Diagnostic Centre” Services offered at CitiLab Diagnostic Centre a. CT Scan Performed by highly qualified and experienced technologists, under the supervision of senior most Radiologists in Pakistan. Price: Rs. 5,500 – Rs. 18,000 b. MRI MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body. Price: Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 14,000

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