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1 Best Sexologist in Wapda Town, Lahore

Dr. Ammad Ahmad Siddiqui

Urologist, Sexologist, Andrologist

MBBS, MS (Urology)

Under 15 Min Wait Time
11 Years Experience
100% (3) Satisfied Patients Satisfied

Dr. Ammad Ahmad Siddiqui

Urologist, Sexologist, Andrologist

MBBS, MS (Urology)

Under 15 Min Wait Time
11 Years Experience

A brief intro to Sexologists

Who is a Sexologist?

Sexologists (سیکسولوجسٹ) are experts that are well versed in the scientific study of sexual behavior, function and interests. Sexologists study the human psyche and its relationship to the sexual aspect of life—this includes sexuality as it pertains to people of all ages and demographics. Sex therapists and sexologists are not necessarily the same; when sexologists choose to practice clinically—they are called sex therapists.

Sexologists (سیکسولوجسٹ) can be psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists or marriage therapists who are specially trained to deal in sex therapy beyond the basic training. They are the experts of their field whose awareness of sexuality is much greater than that of other healthcare professionals.

Much like other professionals, sexologists (جنسی ماہر) deal with clinical work, research work as well as education.

While a few years ago seeing a sexologist was a taboo, but in recent times, this taboo has taken a back seat to necessity as well as open-mindedness. For people who are having trouble connecting with their partners because of mismatched libidos, sexless relationships, difficulties orgasming, sexologists can offer big help. While they are no miracle-workers, they do help people connect better with their partners and overcome their troubles in the bedroom. Regular people go to the sex therapists for the aforementioned problems like low sexual desire, lack of orgasm and feeling of disconnection with their spouse. In addition, sexologists help people with the sexual identity, and on a regular day, sexologists deal with topics like bisexuality, and homosexuality for either gender in their practice.

What are the main areas of concern for a sexologist?

Sexologists (جنسی ماہر) deal with a variety of psychological and physiological aspects of sexual health. For individuals and couples dealing with erectile dysfunction or impotence, sexologists can offer therapy and medication. Sexologists also deal with premature ejaculation, difficulty in maintaining arousal, anorgasmia, abnormal fantasies, fear of intimacy—including fear of penetration.

Sexologists (جنسی ماہر) also help people who feel ashamed of their sexual desires or arousal; some people also need help with acute issues like not finding sexual satisfaction after childbirth, accidents, health crisis or surgery.

Sex therapists (جنسی ماہر) are even capable of helping people with history of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault. Incidents like these can curate a fear of intimacy and such patients face difficulties in maintaining relationships.

Sexual compulsion is another area of concern for sex therapists as is self-esteem around sex and sexuality; and they can help couples and individuals overcome and address such problems.

What are the most common sexual health issues in Pakistan?

Sexual and reproductive health issues in Pakistan are centered around early marriages, inadequate family planning and sexually transmitted infections. In a region ridden with poverty and inadequate healthcare system, the population faces a lot of sexual health issues.

Some of these issues have a basis in hormonal imbalances, while others stem from work related stress, anxiety, depression, past sexual trauma and marital problems. In men problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are common due to the rise in diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorder and chronic liver disease. Similarly, in women sexual health issues include low libido, inability to orgasm and vaginal dryness. The following table displays the most common sexual health issues in Pakistan:

Sexual problem Percentage of patients
Erectile problems 34%
Prema­ture ejaculation 24%
Non-consummation of marriage 18%

How to become a sexologist in Pakistan?

Sexologists have a background in psychology, sociology, public health or biology, and then they go on to get degrees in human sexuality and sexology at undergraduate or graduate levels. There are also clinical training programs, workshops and certifications offered in sexology specifically from credible institutes. For certification, a relevant degree and certain number of training hours are needed.

What kinds of sexologists are there in Pakistan?

Sexology also has other sub-specialties including:

  • Sex educators: who help people with sex education, learning about their own sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Couples therapists: these therapists help couple with intimacy issues, as well as other sexual disorders, helping them trust each other, and having more confidence in their sex life.
  • Sexologists dealing with organic injuries: have a specialization in medicine and deal with problems stemming from sexual health disorders pertaining to organic injuries and diseases.
  • Experts of sexual disorders: such therapists have background in psychology and help people with a number of sexual issues including premature ejaculation.

What are sexologists called in Pakistan?

  • Sex specialist
  • Psychosexual therapists
  • Mahir jinsiat
  • Sex therapist
  • Sex educator
  • Sex coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top Sexologists of January 2021 in Lahore?

Top 1 Sexologist of January 2021 in Lahore is:

  • Dr. Ammad Ahmad Siddiqui

How can I book an appointment with a Sexologist in Lahore?

Click here to book an appointment with a top Sexologist in Lahore. Or, you can also call at 04238900939 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of top Sexologist in Lahore?

The fee for top Sexologist in Lahore is 1500. You will pay at the reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Sexologist in Lahore through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.

What does a Sexologist do?

Sexologists (سیکسولوجسٹ) help people deal with the dynamics of sexual relations and disorders alike. They focus on the sexual preferences of people, how they interact in their sex lives and how the pressures of society impact these behaviors. They also look at how their patients think about their own sexual activity, as well as that of their partner.

Their expertise enables them to help couples with their sexual relations and activities. Additionally, they help individuals with their sexual development, orientation and atypical sexual interests.

Sexologists (جنسی ماہر) tailor therapy for their patients according to their needs, and are mostly based on talk therapy. In a few cases, more interventional methods are used, but more often than not, sex therapy involves talking to the patient and specifically addressing their needs and concerns, rather than assuming that the sexual problems will work themselves out.

Sexologists (سیکسولوجسٹ) have a lot of positive and beneficial influence on their patients, especially since they deal with sexual problems using a scientific perspective.

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