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Also known as Heart Surgeon ,دل کا سرجن

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Who is a Cardiac Surgeon?

Cardiac surgeons (کارڈیک سرجن) are experts who offers surgical treatment of the issues and diseases of the heart and the blood vessels. These experts also work with other doctors in the process of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac issues.

When should you see a Cardiac Surgeon?

It is important to visit the cardiac surgeon (کارڈیک سرجن) when your primary care doctor or your cardiologist recommends a visit to the best cardiac surgeon in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Moreover, a visit is also due when your test results are concerning, and the doctor suspects a case of aortic aneurysm, heart valve disease or coronary disease. Similarly, instances of chest injuries, heart defects, congenital heart problems also merit a visit to the cardiac surgeon.

Furthermore, visit to the cardiac surgeon in the early phase of the disease is also helpful for preventing complications later in life. At times, getting expert help in the borderline cases can prevent the disease altogether.

Also, patients suffering from some problems pertaining to the lungs, like lung cancer, or structural issues of the chest cavity also need to go to a cardiac surgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon.

What are Cardiac Surgeon’s main areas of concern?

Cardiac surgeons (کارڈیک سرجن) are concerned with a number of ailments that affect the heart.

They treat abnormalities of the vessels of the heart, like aortic aneurysm and coarctation of the aorta. Cardiac surgeons address problems like chest pain and pressure, dizziness, excessive sweating and nausea.

Moreover, they also address atrial fibrillation, which is when the heart beats faster than usual. Heart surgeons are also responsible for treating birth defects like ASD, ventricular septal defect etc.

People who get any trauma to the chest, for example, crush injuries, are also the concern of the cardiac surgeon.

Coronary heart disease, in which the blood supply to the heart is blocked, that can cause angina and heart attack, are also remedied in certain cases by heart surgeons.

Cardiac surgeons are also concerned with curing heart failure, a condition remarked by heart’s inability to pump blood around the body. Heart valve problems, like mitral valve regurgitation, are also addressed by heart surgeons.

Commonly performed surgeries include valve surgery, pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, pacemaker implant, open heart surgery, maze procedure, heart transplant, etc.

Cardiac surgeons also facilitate in the diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases that affect the health of the patient. They also order and analyze diagnostic tests like biopsy, MRI, CT scan etc. as well.

What are the most common cardiac problems in Pakistan?

Heart disease is the leading cause of non-communicable diseases in Pakistan. 1 in 10 people above the age of 30 die from cardiovascular diseases.

These factors are compounded by various risk factors. People in Pakistan largely lack awareness with regards to healthy lifestyle choices, due to which they suffer from cardiovascular complications.

From poor dietary choices to lack of physical activity, the public is wholly unaware of the dire impact of these habits on their heart.

Moreover, smoking is also not shunned publicly, unlike the rest of the world, which is why a significant portion of the population smoke or uses tobacco in any other form.

Smoking is amongst the leading cause of not just lung cancer, but more importantly, cardiovascular diseases.

Similarly, chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension are also rampant amongst people. Due to ignorance and lack of education, people do not realize how these chronic ailments affect their heart health.

Furthermore, there is also lack of access to healthcare. Health infrastructure has been woefully neglected for decades now. Since people do not get timely and quality help, the disease burden therefore naturally increases.

According to World Health Organization’s research, following are the risk factors, and their proportion in the public:

Risk factor

% Prevalence in people

Physical Inactivity


Sodium intake










How to become a Cardiac Surgeon in Pakistan?

Those aspiring to become the best cardiac surgeon in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, need to first get their M.B.B.S done, followed by a year of house-job.

They then have to start their training program in general surgery, after which they will specialize in the cardiothoracic (کارڈیو تھوراسک) surgery.

Once the residency is completed, and the exams are passed, people get accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

What are Cardiac Surgeons called in Pakistan?

Cardiac surgeons are also referred to as:

  • Heart surgeon
  • Cardiothoracic surgeon
  • کارڈیک سرجن
  • دل کا سرجن
  • کارڈیو تھوراسک سرجن

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment with a Cardiac Surgeon in Bahria Town Rawalpindi?

Click here to book an appointment with a top Cardiac Surgeon in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Or, you can also call at 0518151800 from 9AM to 11PM to book your appointment.

What is the fee range of the best Cardiac Surgeons in Bahria Town Rawalpindi?

The fee for the top Cardiac Surgeons in Bahria Town Rawalpindi ranges from Rs. 2,000 to 3,500. You can pay at reception when you visit the doctor.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Cardiac Surgeon in Bahria Town Rawalpindi through oladoc?

There are no additional charges when you book through oladoc.

What does a Cardiac Surgeon do?

Heart surgeons (دل کا سرجن) perform minimally invasive and open-heart surgery on the patients. Amongst the most performed surgeries by these experts is CABG, cardiac arterial bypass graft. This surgery aims at restoring blood supply to the heart.

A cardiac surgeon (کارڈیک سرجن) also performs the evaluation of the health of the person and makes an according assessment for the patient. They not only provide pre-operative care, but also post-op care to the patient.

Furthermore, heart surgeons (دل کا سرجن) also may perform physical examination of the patient, since they need to assess the risk factors for the patient prior to surgery.

In this endeavor, they also prescribe and analyze the diagnostic tests like EKG, echocardiogram, cardiac catheterization, to understand the condition of the patient.

Heart surgeons also work with other experts like cardiologists, pulmonologists, internal medicine specialists etc.

How do I choose a Cardiac Surgeon?

Finding a good doctor is vital for proper diagnosis & treatment of your underlying concern. Before you make the decision of picking out a Cardiac Surgeon, consider the following:

  • Make sure they are experienced
  • Make sure your doctor has good reviews.
  • Make sure they offer the services you are looking for
  • Verify, if they are certified from PMDC or have any other professional memberships
  • Check if they are affiliated with a hospital you trust

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