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How to Handle Adult Bullying?

Dr A.sajjad siddiqui

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Bullying, unfortunately, is not limited to the corridors of high school. It is rampant in the adult world as well. It is when a person in a position abuses the position to harass those less powerful. The end goal is to gain dominance over others.

In the adult world, it is more of a verbal nature rather than physical and can range from getting yelled at in workplace, to not getting appreciation for work well done. Bullying, however, is not limited to the workplace, but also present in the personal lives of the people. Here are some ways you can handle adult bullying.

Document and report it:

In the case where the bullies are in a position of power, they have an inherent advantage over the one being bullied. Documenting such incidences to gain evidence is a good strategy in such situations.

These incidences can then be reported to the Human resource department so there is a record to corroborate the complaints. Refuting hardcore evidence is hard to do, and the legal channels can then take care of the bully for you.

Avoid the bullies:

Nothing is worth the mental peace. If the bully is not putting the career or such success in peril, then it is better to avoid them. Rather than suffering from anxiety and depression, steering clear of the bullies is a far healthier option. Often the bullies like not to exhibit their behavior in front of everyone to mar their own image. They hence pick isolated spots to bully their victims. Therefore, avoid all such cases of being alone in the presence of the bully.

Ignore the behavior:

Most of the bullies enjoy the reaction of fear or anger they get out of people. For them, making people uncomfortable is a symbol of their strength and dominance. So, not giving them the desired reaction is a good approach. Don’t show how much they scare you or irritate you and it can deter them from making more attempts. This will also save you the stress of having to deal with the situation.

Keep Safe:

Bullying is not limited to verbal attacks but can also include physical assaults. All such situations that threaten you physically should be taken to respective law enforcement agencies. It is important to get all the assistance needed to protect yourself. Contact crisis hotlines, or experts in the field to seek help.

Have a support system:

It is very important to surround yourself with friends and family that can help you deal with bullying. They can give advice in coping with the situation. They can provide with protection in case of physical bullying. The support system also helps you keep strong so that you can deal with the bullying on your own.

Furthermore, bullies tend to target people who are isolated. The vulnerability of such people is sensed by the bullies. Therefore, having loved ones around you can deter the bullies from targeting you.

Communicate your apprehensions early on:

Many times, the situation gets worse because the bullies weren’t stopped early on. Clearly communicating your apprehensions to the bully can work in many situations. You can also have a trusted friend or a lawyer confront the bully on your behalf. This shows how the bully has no power over you and can stop him.

Improve your self-esteem:

It is far easier for the bullies to harass and manipulate those suffering from low self-esteem. Such people are the prime targets of bullies. Since they themselves doubt in their abilities, they believe in the lies told by the bullies. Therefore, it is important to improve your self-image to not become victims of bullying.

It is important to not compromise on your mental and physical health. Bullies can endanger both and they should not be conceded to. One must learn how to deal with the bullies as is necessary for survival.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

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