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Keep Your Brain Power Intact With These Healthy Oils

Dr. Aqeel Ahmed

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According to nutritionists, the oils we consume have a direct link with the brain health and great impact on our wellbeing.  Merely consuming vegetable oil is not a condition for good health. Many of the plant oils like soybean oil, canola oil etc have in fact harmful effects on the health of the brain.

Therefore, the choice of oil for regular consumption and those used in cooking is very important. The right ones can lead to improved health and slow down the cognitive decline. They also have benefits for the general health as well.

Olive Oil:

Used for centuries, olive oil is packed with so many benefits for health. However, it is especially beneficial for the brain. It contains poly and monounsaturated fatty acids that decrease the decline in brain functioning. It has also been associated with decreasing depression in adults. Furthermore, it is known to help prevent strokes.

The antioxidants like polyphenol are found in abundance in olive oil. Antioxidants rid the body of harmful substances like free radicals that can cause diseases like cancer. Moreover, olive oil contains oleocanthal, which helps prevent Alzheimer’s. It has also shown to improve memory, which helps especially the aging people, whose memory is affected with age.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains medium chained triglycerides that are important source of energy for the brain. They serve as an important source of back-up fuel for the brain when there is lack of glucose. When the supply of energy to the tissues is compromised, the death of the tissues can occur. This leads to conditions like Alzheimer’s, which are therefore prevented by coconut oil.

It has also been shown to help with other neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke, Huntington’s etc. Furthermore, coconut oil also helps with the mental decline. It decreases the rate of decline, and in some cases, even reverses it. Brain aging is too delayed by coconut oil, as it provides energy to repair the damaged cells.

Omega- 3 Fish Oil:

It is useful for the normal brain development and functioning of the brain. However, it is even more useful during pregnancy, helping the child perform better, later in life. Moreover, they contain fatty acid DHA which is integral for brain functioning. Those with deficiency of DHA suffer from small brain size which is due to increased brain degradation.

It also is beneficial for those having mild cognitive dysfunctions associated with age.  The oils also have a positive impact on the people suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment or MCI. Research has shown omega-3 fish oils to help with depression.  It is also seen to have improve conditions like personality disorder and bipolar disorder.

Essential Oils:

These are extremely beneficial for the improved brain function. They help remedy problems like mental fatigue, reduced concentration, poor memory etc. Oils like lavender oil help with depression. They also help put the nervous system and hence the brain at ease. Lemon essential oils help reduce stress levels.

They also improve concentration and health of the brain. Another important essential oil is peppermint. Alongside relaxing the brain, they help increase concentration, memory and performance of the brain. There is a variety of essential oils to choose from, with several health benefits, especially for the brain.

Incorporating oils in the diet has lasting benefits for the brain. Choosing the correct oils that align with your requirements and preferences is very important to live a healthy life.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Aqeel Ahmed - Author Dr. Aqeel Ahmad Khan is among the Best Diabetologists in Multan. First-ever Pakistani Doctor nominated by UNFPA Pakistan for American UNFPA award for women health and dignity in 2009. He also has a live programme on tv channel from Islamabad for health awareness.
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