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How To Reduce Lip Size Naturally Without Surgery

Dr. Ayesha Usman

5 min read

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Is the size of your lips making you conscious? Do you want your lips to look thinner without going through surgery? You’re not alone! Many people across the world go through invasive and non-invasive procedures to reduce their lip size. Lip fillers and increasing lip size is a common topic, but not everyone is happy with plump lips, especially if they are uneven. You can opt for lip reduction surgery, however not everyone wants to get into the hassle of a surgical procedure. In this article, we will discuss natural ways for lip size reduction that can help make your lips smaller without surgery.

Why People Choose Lip Reduction?

The desire to reduce lip size may come as a surprise to many individuals, especially since there is so much hyper around getting fuller lips. Well, do you know who may want to make their lips thinner? Those who have large or disproportionate lips. Some reasons why people may prefer smaller lips are:

  • Communication issues: Body language is important in all aspects of communication. Your body language can leave an impression on others. Oversized lips can give off the wrong signal giving a pouty feel. Others can misinterpret a pout s as a social cue and make assumptions that may not be favorable and may want a subtle look. 
  • Aesthetics: Lips that are out of proportion in comparison to other facial features can make you feel conscious. People with bigger lips may want smaller lips to increase their aesthetic appeal and improve self-esteem. 
  • Macrocheilia: Large or oversized lips are known as macrocheilia in medical terminology. It can affect the upper or lower lips, or both. Macrocheilia can occur due to numerous reasons, which include genetics, infections, physical injury, and tumors among others. A plastic Surgeon may suggest the treatment for this depending on the cause, for example infections or allergic reactions can be treated with medications, while genetical disposition for large lips may depend on your personal preference. 

7 Tips To Reduce Lip Size Without Surgery

Are you looking to get sleeker lips? Here are a few tips for lip size reduction without surgery:

1. Keep your lips healthy:

Your skincare routine should include caring for the lips. Dry or chapped lips may become swollen and appear bigger than usual. It is vital to keep your lips hydrated. Include a quality lip balm to your skincare regime and apply it to keep them healthy. Though be careful while using lip balms or apply it at night only to avoid your lips from looking bigger. Drink more water instead of lip balms to keep them hydrated. Take care of your lips by scrubbing them to reduce any dead skin cells and give them a compact look. 

2. Use makeup:

Makeup can make a drastic difference in your outward experience. It can also be helpful in making your lips look smaller without exorbitant cost and effort. You can make your lips appear smaller by:

  • Applying concealer around your lips or on the upper or lower lid of your lips. After blending the concealer, apply lipstick inside your natural lip line
  • Remove any lipstick that is outside your lip line carefully
  • Use matte lipsticks as can make your lips look less full in comparison to glossy shades. 
  • Avoid lip gloss too as it can make your lips look plump
  • Use a highlighter on your cheek bones and other prominent features of your face to make them more prominent. 

3. Do facial exercises:

Some facial yoga exercises can reduce your lip size by tightening the lip muscles and making them appear smaller. Some facial exercises to reduce lip size are:

  • Gently massage the skin around your lips in a circular motion with your fingers 
  • Press your upper and lower lip together and hold for 10 – 15 seconds
  • Lift your cheeks and form a smile with your lower lips covering your lower teeth and upper lip stretched as a smile. Do this for a minute while breathing from your nose
  • Smiling more can also can also exercise your lip muscles

4. Hydrate your lips:

Drinking water can provide hydration to your lips as well as the rest of your body. Dehydration can lead to swollen lips as they retain water. Maintaining healthy hydration levels can lessen the water retention in your body and reduce your lip size. 

5. Eat anti-inflammatory foods:

Diet plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. Inflammatory foods can cause swelling in the lips leading to plump lips. Add anti-inflammatory foods, such as tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, nuts, olive oil, etc. They can naturally lower inflammation in the lips and reduces the size of the lip. Moreover, eat a well-balanced and healthy diet to prevent deficiencies that may affect the appearance of your lips. 

6. Use aloe-vera:

Aloe-vera can work wonders for your skin. It can moisturize your lips and reduce any inflammation. Lowering inflammation can make your lips appear smaller without any surgical procedures. 

7. Enhancing other facial features

If you are ready to get a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, then dermal fillers might be right choice for you. Dermal fillers can make your cheeks fuller and make your lips less prominent. They have some side benefits as well because derma fillers can decrease fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look younger and more beautiful. Furthermore, as dermal fillers are safe and do not require anesthesia. 

These measures can reduce lip size but the results may be temporary and may vary from person to person. Try out these remedies before going out to make your lips appear smaller. 

Get Smaller Lips With Lip Reduction Surgery

Do you want to reduce your lips permanently? Then, lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves surgically removing some tissues and muscles to thin the shape of your lips. It is done under anesthesia and is generally considered a safe procedure. Before getting any surgical procedure, you should talk to a dermatologist in detail regarding your skin and discuss your medical history. 

Risks Of Lip Reduction Surgery

Going into any surgical procedures has its risks. There are some side effects that may occur due to this surgery, such as bruising, swelling, redness and pain post-surgery. Rarely, there are chances of infection, scarring, and bleeding. While it is a safe method, you should keep a lookout for any unusual symptoms after the procedure. You should also take measures to take proper care of your lips after surgery in the guidance of a specialist. 

Additionally, getting this surgery means that you need at least one week off for recovery. You can easily move around but it may take sometime for the stitches to come off. Expect redness, swelling and pain during your recovery time. You can apply cold packs to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling. Over-the-counter medications can be helpful in providing relief from pain. If you have the time and money, consult a doctor if you want to get a lip reduction surgery. Contrarily, if you are looking for a temporary solution, you can try the tips to reduce lip size without surgery. 

The cost of the surgery can vary depending on the hospital or doctors, but it is an expensive surgery like other cosmetic surgeries. Plastic surgeons perform the lip reduction surgery in Pakistan and you should get it done from a known doctor with proper equipment. 


While big lips are all the hyper, there are still people who prefer or want small lips. It is usually people with plump-looking lips that are likely to want a lip reduction surgery. People may want to reduce lip size due to aesthetics or misinterpretation of body language by others. Lips can also be larger due to other reasons ranging from genetics to physical trauma. If your lips are inflamed or large due to a medical reason, they can easily be treated by medications. 

Some methods may reduce your lip size without surgery. They include facial exercises, applying makeup, staying hydrated and keeping your lips in good shape. You can also lower inflammation by eating more anti-inflammatory foods or using aloe vera to soothe it. If you do not want surgery, filling your cheeks through dermal fillers can help take the attention off your lips. 

If you can afford to get a lip reduction surgery done, then the first step is to get an evaluation from a qualified plastic surgeon. It is a safe surgery, however it is done under anesthesia. This surgery removes excessive fat and tissue and aims to reduce your lip size. You should accept some after effects once the surgery is done. Applying a cold compress or over-the-counter medicines can help overcome these issues.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Ayesha Usman
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