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Masturbation: Myths and Facts

Dr. Umer Amin

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Masturbation involves gaining sexual pleasure by rubbing one’s genitals and other sexual organs, and like sex, it is also buried under layers of myth, mystery, and misinformation. Some of the most outrageous masturbation myths, like insanity, blindness, penis shrinkage, and hair growth on palms have been medically disproved time and again, yet still continue to surface.

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The main reason behind this is general unwillingness, along with social and religious stigma surrounding masturbation and sexual health in general. Here we take a look at some common masturbation myths, and the actual facts pertaining to them.

1-Masturbation Is Bad:

Social and religious beliefs often warn against masturbation as a distraction from daily and a hindrance in personal relationships by promoting constant inappropriate sexual thoughts. However, masturbation is simply an outlet for the body to release sex hormones accumulated after puberty, especially when one is not sexually active. It is only bad if one allows it to become an obsession rather than its actual physical purpose.

2-Masturbation Damages the Genitals:

Masturbation commonly involves merely stroking sexual organs to stimulate pleasurable feelings. Moreover, despite appearing relatively fragile, the genitals are built to withstand difficult reproductive processes, making them highly resilient. Like, sex, mild chafing and tenderness are usually the only physical damages, which can be easily resolved by using commercial lubricants or vegetable oil prior to masturbation.

3-It Causes Mental Health Issues:

Aside from the guilt born of social and religious stigma, masturbation causes no clinical mental health issues. However, some people may become obsessed with the act, resulting in avoidance of daily activities and social interactions in favor of masturbation. Consultations with certified psychotherapists in Pakistan can help with recovery.

4-Masturbating Men Have Erectile Dysfunction:

Masturbation does not deplete sexual capacity. In truth, for frequent masturbators, the body may sometimes get used to certain types of touch, which if not followed during intercourse, can result in failure to achieve an erection. Simple retraining can help overcome the issue. Moreover, men do not ‘max out’ with frequent masturbation, as there are no predetermined number of orgasms for any one individual.

5-It Causes Infertility:

As a continuation of the previous myth, sperm and semen production in men, and egg development in women has no direct link to masturbation. Just as frequent intercourse does not reduce one’s chances at reproduction, masturbation is also a variant of sex; except that it is commonly performed individually.

6-People Who Masturbate Have Unsatisfying Relationships:

On the contrary, people who masturbate are shown to have better sexual and emotional relationships with their partners. This is because two people rarely have similar drives, and masturbation lifts the burden off the less sexually active partner to constantly please the other by providing a complementary outlet for the more active partner to relieve sexual tension.

7-Children Who Masturbate Grow Up to Be Sexually Reckless:

Exploring one’s body is a normal part of growing up. Children just need to be educated properly and taught about certain actions that are only appropriate in private. In fact, children who have received age-appropriate sexual health education are sexually reckless or promiscuous acts during adolescence and adulthood. However, excessive masturbation may be a sign of underlying stress, anxiety, and neglect.

Masturbation is a fully optional normal sexual reaction that does not cause any physical harm in itself. So, if you experience any physical symptoms like erectile dysfunction or genital pain, an underlying physical health disorder may be to blame.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Umer Amin
Dr. Umer Amin - Author Dr. Muhammad Umar Amin is among the Best Sexologists in Gujranwala. Dr. Muhammad Umar Amin is a Sexologist practicing in Gujranwala. Dr. Muhammad Umar Amin has the following degrees: MBBS, M.D, PGFM, CRSM and has 7 years of experience.
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