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Dr. Hira Tanveer

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Mammography is an imaging technology that allows for early detection of breast cancer. Low-intensity X-ray radiations are used to get the image. All women after their 40s should get mammography done, at least annually. Many who have a family history of breast cancer are recommended to get mammography done before the age of 40. Ultimately, it is best to consult your doctor for the frequency and time of the testing.

The procedure is a non-invasive one. It doesn’t require extensive preparation, just a few procedural tips like not wearing any jewelry, dress in loose clothing. Also, it is important to not wear any deodorant or powder in the armpits as they can affect image quality. 

Mammography is a very important procedure that can lead to early diagnosis of cancer and hence save lives. Therefore, it is vital that only trusted labs are consulted, like the top 5 mammography centers in Islamabad listed below: 

Maroof International Hospital Laboratory

Maroof International Hospital Laboratory has been operational since 2009. It provides the best possible care to its patients. MIHL does not compromise on the quality of its equipment, therefore, it uses the world’s leading brand, GE company to order its medical equipment. 

Other than having an excellent facility, it also has a well qualified staff. The services can be availed 24/7. Furthermore, it offers a very comfortable environment for its patients. The modern building helps to maximize patient comfort too. 

Maroof International Hospital and Laboratory has an excellent radiology department that has extensive services available. It offers mammography to aid patients in timely diagnosis and has added biopsy procedures to cater to the lesions not visible on the ultrasound/sonogram. State-of-the-art facility with professional yet cordial staff makes MIH laboratory amongst the Top 5 Mammography centers in Islamabad. 

Advanced Diagnostic Center

Located at a prime location of G-8 Markaz, Advanced Diagnostic Center is amongst the top 5 Mammography centers in Islamabad. Its radiology services are dispensed with the utmost professionalism. The center’s staff is very compassionate and responsible, which is very important to a procedure like a mammography. 

Furthermore, Advanced Diagnostic Center takes measures to streamline its services as best as possible. It has a same-day reporting policy for many of the tests. It has power etc. backup so that processes are carried out without any delay. SMS notification and online reporting greatly facilitate the patients, who then do not have to undergo the added hassle of commute. 

ADC has a very patient-friendly environment. Laboratories can be a daunting place, therefore having a congenial atmosphere and staff is very important. Both these are assured by ADC. Moreover, it offers accuracy along with transparency, thereby making Advanced Diagnostic Center an excellent radiology lab is Islamabad to get a mammogram from. 

Shifa International Hospital Laboratory

A state-of-the-art facility, Shifa International Hospital Laboratory has first-class imaging services available. Procedures are carried out with utmost professionalism and integrity. Moreover, Its efficient and quality services ensure patient satisfaction. 

Shifa International Hospital has been accredited by Joint Commission International, USA, adding to its credibility. Furthermore, qualified consultant doctors are part of the team. The technicians and nurses are very well trained as well. The equipment used is also excellent, thereby making it a reliable place to get a mammogram from. 

SHIL offers a variety of mammography services like screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, ductography, and needle localization. Most importantly perhaps, to ensure patient comfort, SIH laboratory has female technologists and radiologists available. Therefore, Shifa International Hospital Laboratory should certainly be consulted to get a mammograph from. 

Islamabad Diagnostic Center (IDC)

Ever since its inception in 2004, Islamabad Diagnostic Center has been providing quality laboratory services of all sorts. Whether it be pathology or radiology services, IDC has you covered. Not only does it have qualified doctors of Pakistan on its team, but consultants from abroad can also be approached for advice. 

Moreover, IDC is internationally accredited. It is certified by the American College of Pathologists, United Registrar of Systems, among others. Therefore, IDC has quality assurance certification from foreign entities, making it amongst the Top 5 Mammography centers in Islamabad. 

Furthermore, IDC uses the illustrious company, GE’s Digital Mammogram. The machine ensures patient comfort with the best quality image. They offer routine/screening, diagnostic and additional views mammograms. IDC thus should be visited to get a mammogram. 

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (P.I.M.S)

P.I.M.S has been functioning since 1985 and has been providing excellent services ever since. It is one of the best tertiary care hospitals in the country. Recently, the breast cancer clinic was inaugurated as an auxiliary facility to the hospital. 

Serving as a pioneer public breast cancer clinic, the Breast Care Clinic focuses exclusively on helping women with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. For the ease of its female patients, it has an all-female staff in the diagnosis team. It carries a mobile and stereotactic mammography machine with a biopsy feature in it. 

P.I.M.S has an extremely competent staff that undergoes a rigorous training process. Furthermore, due to high patient turnover, the staff is capable of dealing with all sorts of emergencies. Hence, Breast Care Clinic is an excellent facility at P.I.M.S to be consulted to get a mammogram. 

A timely diagnosis of breast cancer can potentially save the lives of women, and ensure quality living. Take relevant steps now to save yourself from future pain. Get your mammography done today from the reputable labs for the sake of your health. 

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