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Migraine Attacks

Asked for Female, 30 years

My sister in law had her son last August. Since then she is having migraine attacks after every few days. What can be the reason? Is it due to some lack of nutritional value n is it related to her last pregnancy and childbirth? Is there any cure for migraine? And should she get checked up by gynecologist or some other specialist?

Responses (1)
General Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

Unfortunately, migraine just happens on its own due to unexplained reasons and often settles down itself too or reduces in intensity over the years.
You could show her to a neurologist for it if need be.
Meanwhile, she could take 2 tablets panadol when it starts. If after 3-4 hrs it doesn't improve then take 1 tablet Synflex. However, avoid Synflex if pregnant/nursing n repeat panadol dose if needed.

For further help, we recommend checking with one of the
best neurologists in Lahore and seek a piece of in-person advice at

You can seek help from the doctors listed below:


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