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Pain in genital area

Asked for Female, 15 years

Hello I am just 14 years old and having pain in my Private part there is no swelling or redness and I am having it for 6 months what should I do? Will it go away?

Responses (1)
Dr. Beenish Ehsan
Family Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

I'm sorry to hear that. Where exactly is the pain- is it on the outer or inner part? Have you had your first periods? When does it hurt- before after or during the periods? What kind of pain is it- pressure or itching-fullness? Do you play any sports? Can you think of any reason this is happening.
kindly answer these questions so we can guide you.

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Dr.Naseem Javed
Dr.Maisam Ali Shahid
Male Sexual Health Specialist, Sexologist, Urologist

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