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Tips For Calming A Crying Baby

Dr. Junaid Jahangir Abbasi

3 min read

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Calming a crying baby is not an easy task and every baby is different in the way that every baby requires different soothing techniques in order to calm down. There are still however some tricks of the trade that are universal and can help you in calming a crying baby.

When a woman is expecting, she envisions all those lovely moments with her newborn. She prepares herself for taking care of the newborn with delicacy. She learns appropriate ways to feed, bathe, and dress her child. However, most mothers do not anticipate one of the most important behaviors of a baby i.e. crying.

The fact is all babies cry because it is an innate behavior. The pattern, timings, and reasons may differ but they all cry. Mothers usually do not know how to respond to this behavior of their child, especially in the case of their first child. Understanding why babies cry may help mothers respond effectively to situations without panicking.

Babies have desires and needs just like adults, however, they cannot talk and therefore the only way for them to express themselves is by crying. Even if babies could talk, they wouldn’t be able to understand their feelings and desires and wouldn’t be able to effectively express them. They need someone to understand them and figure it out for them, and the only way they ask for help is through crying.

A mother can become an expert in understanding the reason behind her baby’s cry in a way no one else can. As a mother, you need to look for clues, signals, and surroundings when your baby cries. Over time you will get better and better at understanding the desires and needs of your baby. According to pediatricians following are the most common indicators that may help you understand the reason why your baby is crying;


Your baby is probably hungry if your baby has just woken up, if it’s been more than 4 hours since his/her last feeding, or he/she just had a very full diaper and his/her stomach is now empty. In this case, feeding your baby will most probably calm him/her down.


If your baby is showing decreased activity, lack of interest in toys and games, or looking tired and yawning frequently then the reason he/she is crying must be his/her tiredness. It’s his/her time for a good sleep, take him/her to bed.


A baby squirms his or her back in he/she is uncomfortable, too wet, hot, or cold. Try and look after his/her body to determine the source of discomfort and solve the problem accordingly.


A sudden and loud cry mostly with breathless pauses is an indication that your baby is in some kind of pain. It may also include long cries. You need to check your baby’s temperature and conduct his/her full body examination.

Over stimulation

Your baby can get irritated sometimes if there is a lot of noise around him/her. Everybody is trying to grab his/her attention, there is music and chattering in the surroundings and your baby turns his/her head and cries, then which is a clear indication that he/she is getting irritated. It’s better to take him/her to a less noisy place for peace and calm him/her.


You must have heard adults saying that they feel awful while they are sick. Similarly, babies feel the same when they are sick, and they express awful feelings through crying. If your baby shows some signs of illness you must check his/her temperature and contact your pediatrician immediately.


If you leave your baby alone for a long period, he/she may feel alone and want you to embrace him/her for warmth. This may also happen when your baby wakes up from sleep and finds himself/herself alone.

Worry or fear

Babies are sensitive hence they mostly are afraid of new faces and experiences. If they see a stranger or a new face trying to get their attention they may cry because of fear. Similarly, strange or new sounds, images, and creatures may also scare them.


If it’s been a while since your baby is engaged in the same activity or has been forced to sit on his/her seat, then he/she may cry out of boredom. You may be busy and want your baby to sit in peace for a little more, but you need to understand that babies are curious creatures. It is better to change his/her seat, orientation or make him/her indulge in a new activity.


If your baby cries miserably for long stretches each day, especially at a particular time every day, he/she may have colic. Childcare specialists and researchers are as yet uncertain of the colic’s correct reason. A few specialists trust that colic is related to the immature digestive system of a baby. Whatever the reasons, colic is among the most worrying condition that parents face regarding their babies. Colic happens just to infants, up to around four to five months of age. Look for patterns in your baby’s crying and contact your pediatrician for advice.

We understand how hard it can be to ensure your baby is comfortable, healthy, and happy. The information in this article should be enough for calming a crying baby if the baby is healthy otherwise. If the matter is still not resolved and you are unsure about your baby’s persistent crying and suspect a health issue, do not hesitate to consult with a doctor and book an appointment with a top Pediatrician in Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Multan through oladoc.com. Or call our helpline at 042-3890-0939 for assistance to find the RIGHT Doctor for your baby’s needs.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Junaid Jahangir Abbasi
Dr. Junaid Jahangir Abbasi - Author Dr. Junaid Jahangir is a pediatrician based in Islamabad. He has an MBBS, FCPS, and more than 7 years of work experience in managing and treating child health. For advice or consultation, please feel free to reach.

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